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Domestic graded impact grinding should also increase development intensity increase competitiveness

  According to the physical properties of graphite (natural graphite, artificial graphite, spherical graphite), the high-precision stream pulverization classifier is used to accurately control the grading particle size, and different models can be selected depending on the amount of consumption. According to the material characteristics, natural graphite can select the MQW series gas flow grinding, and the artificial graphite grading can select the FW series airflow classifier, spherical graphite shaping can be selected from the CSM series mechanical ultrafine pulverizer - graded impact grinding.With the increasingly fierce competition in domestic and foreign market economy, product quality and development capabilities are seriously hindered

  graded impact grinding The development of enterprises, the progress of product innovation techniques is slow, the most prominent The performance is that the research is insufficient, the company has weak development capabilities, and the cost of scientific research innovation is too low.

  Crusher equipment wants to participate in the competition of the international market, not only the quantity of speed and quantity, but more importantly, the competition of science and technology innovation, quality and efficiency. Although equipment level, process technology and enterprise management is backward, it is an important factor affecting the development of this crusher equipment, but also related to the hunch of the graded grinding company, and has been related to the development ideas of decades, and seriously hinders the participation of enterprises. Competition in the domestic and foreign markets. First, enterprises have not perfect, although the graded impact grinding equipment manufacturing enterprises have some technical development institutions, but there are not many development institutions, compared to foreign countries;

  Second, the company is actually investment Only 1%, and large-scale enterprises in industrial developed countries are more than 5%, and some are higher than 10%;

  Third, the technical staff of research and development work is insufficient, our company developers, accounting for employees The proportion is only about 1%, while most of the developed countries is more than 10%;

  Fourth, the company's research and development ability is not enough, social development and enterprises are out of place, and the rate of research results is low.

  From the above, it can be seen that

  Sectional impact grinding The problem of product development is the investment in scientific research innovation. Only increase scientific research and development, improve the production level of crusher, improve product quality, in order to have a fight in international competition, accelerate the development of enterprises.

  ALPA independently developed large solid waste supersonic steam crush, multi-solid waste consecutive complementary high value utilization technology industrialized complete equipment, etc., approved by Shandong ProvincePlanning and major scientific and technological innovation projects. Airflow Crusher Online Cleaning System Number Invention Patent, by the new product appraisal of Shandong Province, the experts "fill the domestic gap". The project won the Science and Technology SME Innovation Fund, the first (set) technical equipment and key core components and production enterprises, Weifang Science and Technology Progress Awards, 3 prizes.