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How to make Chinese herbal medicines

  Now the country has strong supporting the traditional Chinese medicine industry. The ultra-fine pulverizer also allows Chinese medicine to improve the efficacy of many medicinal materials, then let's take a look at what special place to make Chinese medicine to play the most medicinality in the working hours of the ultrafine crusher. !

  The ultrafine pulverizer of the Chinese medicine is composed of a stainless steel upper body pulverizing chamber, and the screw is closed. The high-speed operation of the upright motor is driven transversely mounted pulverized blades, and the material is hit, and the shear is pulverized.

  The crushing object is agitated in the sealed space, so the crushing effect is relatively uniform, small ground is small, the package is convenient, the structure is simple, the size is small, the quality is high, the efficacy is high, the clean hygiene, the beauty is still safe, Small noise and no dust pollution, is an ideal powder equipment. Precautions for traditional Chinese medicine ultrafine pulverizer, for the user's personal safety, power supply must be grounded. The crush must be dried, and there is not appropriate for Chinese medicine in moist and grease.

  Crushing drugs do not exceed half of the pulverized slot. General Chinese medicine is pulverized by only half a minute, the hard medicine is pulverized for a minute. This unit cannot be used for a long time, and each start-up time must not exceed 5 minutes. If the number of processing is large, it should be used intervals to prevent the bearing overheating and damage the motor. Do not start the switch when the upper cover is opened. After long-term use, carbon brushes and blades are severely worn and need to be replaced. Frequently check the screws of the blade must be fastened.

  Every day is completed, the machine is turned 2 min and the remaining material is pumped. After the stop, open the cover to check the parts without damage, remove the remainder, turn off the cover. The operational procedures of the ultrafine pulverizer of the Chinese medicine, the lubrication finger should be replaced regularly during the bearing seat. The heating of the bearing must not exceed 35 ° C. Do not remove the electrical and belt guards at will. Application range, pulverization processing of various Chinese herbal medicines, ultrafine pulverized fine zky series ultrafine pulverizer can reach 300 goal to 10,000 mesh, micron or nanoscale.