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Ultrafine pulverizer needs

  In the history of our thousands of years, we all use traditional Chinese medicine to govern the disease, but with the development of social technology, we gradually realize that traditional Chinese medicine does not reach our expected treatment, now we Let's take a look at how technology ultrafine pulverizer helps traditional Chinese medicine industry upgrades!

  The superfine pulverizer has a unidirectional high speed of continuous rotation, and a single rotation is rotated, and the transmission is stable when the high speed is rotated. The front cover of the machine must be opened after the shutdown is turned on, and the machine's lumen is cleaned to ensure the cleaning of the machine work surface. The pulverized material can be discharged directly in the machine abdomen. The thickness of the degree of crush can be achieved by different aperture sieves. After the machine is in place, it must be stable and securely secured by the ground screw. Before the test, the inner cavity of the machine should be cleaned and lock the front cover with a star handle. After the power is turned on, it should be noted that the phase sequence is to rotate in the direction shown.

  At the time of testing, you should pay attention to whether the machine has abnormal noise to make a truck check. Install the storage bag in the discharge. The ultra-fine pulverizer is used in medium temperature, low temperature and ultra-low temperature, more superiority of shells, osteopteric materials, and mineral medicines, and materials for fibrous, high toughness or a water content, therefore Gain. After the drug material is micronized, the efficacy or efficacy of the original prescription can be obtained by less than the amount of the original prescription due to the increase in the dissolution of the active ingredient. After ultrasonic extraction, the content of the bracicide and berberine in the tetraxtile removable ultrafine powder was increased by 26.26% and 37.07%, respectively.

  According to statistics, according to the nature and crushing of the medicinal materials, micronization can generally save 30% to 70% of the medicinal materials. This has important significance to protect Chinese medicine resources. The suction finger in the housing of the ultrafine pulverizer should be replaced regularly, and the bearing seat shall not exceed 35 ° C. The electrical appliance and belt protective cover cannot be removed. For the user's personal safety, the power supply must be grounded. The crush must be dried, and there is not appropriate for Chinese medicine in moist and grease.

  Crushing drugs do not exceed half of the pulverized slot. General Chinese medicine is pulverized by only half a minute, the hard medicine is pulverized for a minute. This unit cannot be used for a long time, and each start-up time must not exceed 5 minutes. If the number of processing is large, it should be used intervals to prevent the bearing overheating and damage the motor. Do not start the switch when the upper cover is opened. After long-term use, carbon brushes and blades are severely worn and need to be replaced.