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Does the ultrafine pulverizer improve the taste of the tea?

  In the era of modern information, some people are extremely liked to wipe the tea, and the tea control. "So you know what machine is grinding through what machine is grinding, and there is still a taste of the mouth, let's take a look!

  It is well known that the deep processing of tea is the most widely used in tea and green tea powder, but both have very different. At present, most of the popular tea powder in the market is green tea powder, which is the tea powder obtained after the green tea passes. The word tanghet is mainly from Japan. The current broth products are also mainly from Japan, and their broth technology and applications are also in a leading position. The raw material of the tea is "crushing tea", that is, in the tea garden, the tea garden is added to the tea garden, and the tear buds are removed about 20 days.

  After distilled, the surface of the tea is removed, that is, drying the tea, then The stone grinding into a very delicate powder, the finished green powder, it is a tea. The biggest difference between tatcha and other green tea is: the manufacturing process of general fried tea or jade tea has, in addition to distillation, there are many 揉 揉 and dry procedures. Subciting tea is suspended in water because it is extremely fine powder particles, but it must be stirred with a tea brush when drinking. Even if it is more than a long time, there will be no precipitation. The current green tea powder (powder tea), just grinding green tea tea into "powder tea", unlike Japanese traditional broth, it is also different.

  The green tea powder is green, and the color after the flush will present ink green brown. Because the green tea powder particles are coarse, there will be rapidly precipitation after the brewing. Green tea powder is generally used in Japan. It is used in a snack, cake, ice cream, etc., so you want to taste the real tea, you can pay more attention when choosing. The tea is served in China, and the Tang Dynasty was promoted to the Tang Dynasty. In the Tang Dynasty year, people invented the steamed green tea (tea), and also reviewed the method of applying the tea-shaped flavor and became an indispensable daily drink. In the Song Dynasty, the Song Dynasty was more developed into a tea feast. At that time, the most famous appraisal tea expert, Dawenhao Cai Yu reviewed the tea method in "tea record": hit the group tea into small pieces, then crushed into fine, sieved the tea, Take the two money to put the hot tea, inject boiling water, flourish with soup, delicious, fragrant, and good. The Qing dynasty and said in Yue, the ancient tea must be a bit. Its tea (tube tea) is a bucket tea, and the one or two good fruit is dessert. The tangible tea refers to the Tang Dynasty, which is the Chinese tea ceremony between the Tang Song Dynasty.It can be seen that the Chinese Tea Channel (Mat Tea) has a history of more than a thousand years, which is still a hundred years earlier than the current Oolong Tea Dragon. But unfortunately, since the Ming Dynasty, but no longer popned tea, and changed her tea, brewing soup, and discarding tea. China's Tang Tea Tao is lost, forming a history of history.

  At present, there is a prestigious Japanese tea ceremony and Japanese tea in the world. It is to bring Rongxi to Japan after studying in China, and the tea is reserved in Japan, inherits and promotes. Japanese Matcha and Japanese Tea Culture have become the national quintessence of Japan, which is the best in Japan. Wiping tea is different from the general green tea powder, and it is not a generalized tea crush. The different points of the broth and ordinary green tea powder mainly include the following two aspects: 1. Brief production process of broth tea is: high quality fresh green tea → steaming green → milling → ultrafine pulverizing → low temperature dry → Matcha. Matcha production adopts traditional milling technology and modern ultrafine pulverization technology, and the entire processing process is always carried out in a lower temperature state, and the active ingredients in the tea can be well stored. 2. Raw material requirements: Tub tea has high quality requirements, requiring high tea leaves with amino acids, proteins and chlorophyll content, while requiring low content of caffeine in raw materials. Before picking, the picking time of fresh tea leaves, the size of the blade is required. The production time of the tea is short, only about 50 days, doing raw materials in 4 or 5 months old tea, the quality of the broth produced is the best.

  The tree species used by the tea used by the tangible tea also have to be in terms of cultivating the cultivation of asexicity, ensuring the purity of the tea species. In addition, in order to ensure the quality of fresh leaves, in the planting process, the staff also needs to sunside the tea tree, and the tea produced in this way is called tea. The tatcha is processed by tapping tea for raw materials. Matter tea alternative and usage: Taiwan's famous "tea" offers another way to eat love her tea friends: the material you want is a tube powder, white sesame, black sesame and parsley, etc., put the material into the mild After breaking into a group, the hot water is flushed, stirred into a thick shape, then sprinkle with rice incense, add salt or sugar to taste is a famous tea. You can also add red beans, mung beans and other ingredients; also directly with green tea tea Produced, all local practices and eating are not the same. Some people like to mix tangible tea in tofu containing rich vegetarian proteins, increase the vitamins in food, and make up the nutrients that are lacking in food itself. At the same time, tatcha is a tea with a dodious effect.Phenols, dishes, wash the fish with tea soup, can reduce the smell of the fish itself, and there is a good role. Wipe tea skin: Matcha can also make it easy to use, there is no chemical ingredient whitening, the formula is a cup of tea, 20 spoons of alcohol, 10 spoons of glycerol, dry skin requires more glycerin (can increase the lotion After the mixing is fully mixed, put it in the prepared container, put it in the refrigerator to save a month, and the normal temperature is only three perceptions. The phenol containing catechphen is a good effect on the skin of the skin, relaxed and whitening, and guarantees your water after use. From the above we can see the difference between the tea and green tea powder, the most tea-deep process, whether it is a hunting tea or a green tea powder, and the current domestic tea powder development is mainly suitable for tea ultrafine pulverization There are fewer devices, and tea crushing requires low temperature, slow, high fineness, only in this way to maximize the original flavor of tea. Ultra-low-temperature vibration ultra-fine pulverizer of Jinan Yinnun Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is also known as the bicycle ultrafine pulverizer with its unique pulverization principle, maximizing tea flavor (color green, nutrient volatile, high fineness) I have an outline of different specialty roads with other smashing machines in China, and these unique features are just in place with special requirements for tea plant smashing, while using YR-30 tea ultrafine pulverizer to green tea, black tea and Pu'er During the ultra-microscopic processing process, the energy consumption is extremely high, the finished product has been beautiful, the nutrient composition is not lost, has been widely used by many domestic and foreign tangible tea processing enterprises and powder tea processing units, and is widely praised by users. The most traditional tea producing country and drinking country, the development of my country's tea industry must have played a wind direction of the development of world tea products. We will continue to provide product added value by promoting domestic tea influence. Using our tea ultrafine pulverizer to provide first-class tea powder products to the world, our tea crusher is accompanied by the deepening of my country's tea culture, and I hope that our ultrafine pulverizer can accompany tea products. Development out of China to the world!