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Ultrafine pulverizer takes you to learn about low temperature ultrafine pulverizer

  In some experiments, it is very strict, every step is the key to the success, then everyone will definitely know the ultrafine crusher, but do you know that the low temperature ultrafine crusher? Let's take a look now!

  Laboratory low temperature ultrafine pulverizer, because of experimental needs, many times require ultrafrinking to meet the requirements. And the laboratory smashing material is more complicated, and various materials may be crushing. How can the laboratory low temperature ultrafross pulverizer choose? The ultrafine pulverizer has multiple models, the main difference is that the volume, motor power, yield, etc. are the same in the fineness of the pulverization and the wall rate. The ultrafine pulverizer has a low temperature pulverized function, and the low temperature pulverization temperature can reach -25 to -40 ° C, ultra-low temperature can reach -40 to -60 ° C. The maximum advantage of low temperature and crushing is to maximize the activity of drugs, while also pulverizing special materials, such as 枸杞, cooked land, and wheat and soak, etc., it can be smashed. The ultrafine pulverizer can be smashed at low temperature, it also has ultrafine pulverized functions, which can be smashed into 10,000 mesh (1.3 μm), and use special processes, it also wants to smash the material to 0.1 μm, can say pulverization The degree is relatively high. In addition, it can achieve higher breakage rates, such as Ganoderma lucidum spore powder, which requires more than 95% of the abundance rate. There is also a high price / performance ratio, which is suitable for laboratory. For the laboratory, there is not much smashing, you can choose the ultra-fine pulverizer of small production, super high performance ratio, that is, satisfy the requirements of fineness, and the yield is just right.