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I understand the principles and use of FL type glow grace machines.

  The development of Chinese medicine in China has been very fast. However, if there is no airflow milling in the process of development, it is not fully useful. As the Chinese medicine equipment industry is also a multi-development opportunity in the machining machinery industry, which is in the production process of pharmaceutical production. Particles are also very important for drugs or biological utilization. The main reason is that crush is a very important part.

  The working principle of the FW type gas flow classifier is: the control cabinet launches all the equipment, the controller system, and feed the raw material into the dispersion chamber (there are three feed mode: upper, medium, down the feed mode) mixed powder into dispersion The chamber, under the action of the air blower, the mixed powder begins to disperse, the spiral wind of the secondary air outlet is dispersed, and the venting of the fine powder is introduced into the grading chamber, and the grading wheel of high-speed rotation is selected. Ultrafine powder, fed into the powder tube, the crude particles, discharged from the coarse powder exhaust valve.

  Ultrafine powder enters the cyclone separator through the pipe, performing a fluorine separation, and the ultrafine powder is collected, and the rotary discharge valve is discharged, and the finished fine powder is packaged. The exhaust gas enters the dust collector to purify, filter, clean air is introduced by the air blower.

  Features of the FW type gas flow classifier:

  (1) low energy consumption: less gas, only air seal and simmering gas.

  (2) Wide sorting range: convenient adjustment, from 1.5 μm - 45 μm any adjustable.

  (3) Sate selection accuracy: no large particles.

  (4) Sate selection efficiency: 85% of the effective ingredients can be selected.

  (5) Non-pollution: full sealing negative pressure, no dust, noise.

  The main purpose of the FW type gas flow classifier:

  At present, most of the fine powder production equipment, the powder produced, all of which is a mixture of particle size distribution, but in practical applications, only a certain particle size interval The ultrafine powder of the powder or a certain grain section can meet the needs of users. The classification machine is a special sorting apparatus for providing a certain particle size section ultrafine powder from the mixed powder.

  The composition of the FW gas flow classifier:

  (1) Host: divided into a dispersion chamber, a classifying chamber, sorting a mixed powder;

  (2) gas powder separation system: mix the gas powder Gas is sorted, put fine powder and emptyGas open. Including cyclone separators, rotary discharge valves, small bins, manual disc valves, etc.

  (3) dust collector: filtrate purifies with a small amount of dust separators. Components include pulse bag dust collectors, rotary discharge valves, small bin, manual disc valve, etc.

  (4) feed system: automatic quantification of raw materials for the graded machine, including FM rotating tube, small Silk, manual disc valve, etc .;

  (5) Control cabinet: supply equipment all power supply, and have the following functions: manual control check, automatic operation control, automatic supply, automatic shutdown, automatic cleaning, fault automatic downtime Sound and light alarm, emergency stop and other functions.

  (6) may be selected according to the user needs to be selected.

  The FW airflow classifier is one of the main equipment produced by Erli, Shandong, which can be used in the grading, segmentation, and dispersion of various dry powder.

  ALPA experimental workshop equipment, 3 sets of test processing equipment, experimental center subtraction detection and laboratory instrument, granularity, whiteness, density, specific surface area, image, etc., can also provide small Try, trial, big trial or even 1: 1 feeding experiment, experimental content includes various comminuted, grading, plastic, dry, modification, delivery, ammagnetic, etc., provides reliable development, design, and manufacturing Safe.