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Ultrafine pulverizer to improve the traditional Chinese medicine industry

  Today, today's discussion is the quality, safety and price of traditional Chinese medicine. After the founding of the State Food and Drug Administration, the Chinese medicine is a breakthrough, actively rectify the industry, and what should the Chinese medicine industry go to breakthrough, now we follow more Microscopy machine to see it!

  The ultrafine pulverizer is an apparatus for ultrafine pulverized medicinal materials using air separation, heavy polishing, shear. During the production of traditional Chinese medicine, the medicinal material is pulverized is a common process, and the medicinal material should be kept as comparable and pharmacological effects as much as possible during the pulverization.

  The ultrafine pulverizer has more advantages in the crushing of Chinese herbal medicines. The future development market and trend of ultrafine pulverizer with ultrafine pulverizer can increase drug absorption and improve its bioavailability. According to the introduction of the crushing equipment experts, the particle size will be more subtle, and the surface area will increase, and the porosity can be increased, and the drug can be absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract.

  After the ultrafine pulverized medicinal materials can be used to reach the original pharmacodynamic effect, for minerals, after ultra-micro treatment, since the particle size is greatly reduced, the dissolution and absorption speed in the human body can be accelerated. Improve the absorption. "Crushing equipment experts said that the technology level of ultra-fine pulverized equipment is getting higher and higher, but for clinical efficacy, and the product's uniformity, more high-end ultrafine pulverizing machines are needed. Chinese medicine ultrafine pulverized equipment Future development market and trend ultrafine pulverization can also retain biological activity, improve the efficacy.

  The author learned that during the pulverization of the Chinese medicine ultrafine pulverizer, the control can not produce overheating phenomena, and even in low temperature, and pulverized speed Fast. For example, Ganoderma lucidum, Ganoderma lucidum contains a rich amino acid and trace element, with activation of immune function, anti-tumor, anti-thrombus, etc. Higher requirements, and is looking for a product that is fast, and is easily absorbed by the human body. Although the ultrafine pulverized equipment achieves a major breakthrough in this regard, such as broken ultrafine pulverizer, no metal breakage ultrafine pulverizer, but There are still technical bottlenecks to be broken, such as fine classification equipment with ultrafine pulverized equipment and other supporting equipment, multi-function ultrafine pulverized equipment, etc. In addition, Chinese herbal medicines have been smaller after ultrafrinklers. The dose has obtained the drug effect of the original prescription.

  According to the relevant experts, the general drug can no longer pass through the ultrafine pulverization, and the treatment of the boiling and other links will be reduced.Less loss of effective components in the production process can be utilized to use raw materials to be largely limited. Therefore, the ultra-fine pulverized equipment can be applied to precious rare Chinese medicine, and can also be carried out in a global closed-air system, effectively avoid external pollution, so that the microbial content and dust of the product are controlled. The author learned that in recent years, the ultra-fine crushing equipment applied by the national intellectual property rights is still less, and some patents still have more practical uses in the "improvement" stage, and the real crowns are actually less. The industry also said that after a patent application, it is still necessary for some time.

  After some patent applications, there is no implementation, so the new product of the ultrafine pulverized equipment seen in the actual production is less. Overall, with the refinement of market demand and the strict industry supervision, the particle size, particle size distribution, particle shape, specific surface area, hole containement, etc. of the traditional Chinese medicine industry are increasing, and the production of high-precision products can be manufactured. Microcampling equipment is very important. Therefore, related companies still need efficient and energy-saving ultrafine pulverized equipment, seeking new equipment principles, design new varieties, new models, and achieve high-tech content, high quality, and high value of ultrafine pulverized equipment products.