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Turbox grading machine gradually occupies the market dominance

  Rare earth polishing powder special airflow mill, full-negative pressure during processing, no dust pollution on site, guarantee the clean and dryness of the environment. Graphite pulverization is highly high, large production! Can choose special equipment according to different raw materials, fully automated control, low energy consumption. Rare earth polishing powder special airflow classifier, pulverized grading accuracy is arbitrarily adjustable between D97 = 3-74 microns. Granular appearance plastic function, spherical graphite "potato shape". Bag dust removal, appendedly anti-blow, offline cleaning, 75% collection rate, effectively reduce the loss of raw materials.Airflow classifier is a centrifugal grading machine with flow field regulation device and high-speed turbine rotor, has a wide range of graded range, high grading accuracy, accurate cutting particle size, and good stability. , High-stone, mica, kaolin, magnesium oxide, etc. are widely used.

  FW airflow classification process diagram

  Airflow grading is based on different particle diameter particles in gas (usually air), which is different from centrifugal force, gravity, inertial force, etc., thereby achieving The grading of different particle diameter particles. The airflow classifier can be divided into static classifiers and dynamic classifiers according to whether it has moving parts.

  Airflow classroom development direction

  (1) Large-scale and refined

  With the continuous expansion of the ultrafine powder market, the demand for large ultra-fine and fine classification equipment In the ultrafine powder processing, large equipment can reduce the energy consumption of unit products, simplify the process and reduce floor area, thereby reducing equipment investment and production costs of unit products.

  (2) The turbine airflow classifier gradually occupies the market dominance

  The turbine airflow classifier is widely used in construction, mineral processing, fine chemicals with the advantages of simple structure, high grading particle size adjustable and adaptation. , Special ceramics and other industrial fields.

  (3) Automation Control

  Industrial Control Automation Technology is moving towards intelligent, networked and integrated direction, automation control of airflow grading, and improves production efficiency, reducing workers' labor intensity, and improves powder processing industry The overall automation level and the core competitiveness of the company are very important.

  Shandong Erfai Powder Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in producing FW high-grade turbine gasThe graded grade machine, the company operates more than 20 years, has rich research and development, manufacturing experience, is the large-scale supplier of domestic ultra-microfin, grading equipment, welcome new and old customers to inquire, incompetence experiments, come to the factory!

  In the context of the era of economic globalization, more and more foreign exchanges have become a inevitable trend in all walks of life. For AlPa powder, this communication not only promotes information. Exchange, and accelerate the pace of ALPA powder to internationalization.