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Break through these three points, domestic airflow crushers can have greater development

  Agricultural products are organic compounds, which are life-life organisms, but not only require crushing should reach the specified physics, chemical and microbiological indicators, but should also consider their biological characteristics such as toughness, elasticity, viscoelasticity and pulverizing strength. Easy (such as water content, growth period, etc.) and features that are easy to rot. The ultrafine pulverization technology of gas flow mills will have a large market prospect, economic benefits and social benefits in agricultural products.The airflow pulverizer has been developed in many fields, especially in the fields of chemical, minerals, metallurgical, ceramics, electronic materials, medical foods, etc., and become domestic economic development. The main force. The gas flow pulverizer is a mechanical mechanical, a dry material to a required size, is an important role in powder processing, but from the current perspective, there is still a short board in the domestic airflow pulverizer, bringing certain constraints to the development. It can be divided into the following three points. I. Airflow pulverizer energy-saving environmental protection

  The haze problem in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region has put forward a serious environmental warning to people, which has made people pay more attention to the environmental performance of construction machinery. Therefore, energy-saving and environmental protection will be definitely the mainstream trend of the development of the airflow crusher industry. In the future, the development of China's airflow crusher industry will pay more attention to transformation and upgrading, and in specific implementation strategies, energy-saving and environmental protection will become the main direction. As a high-energy, high-polluting industry, the pharmaceutical machinery industry must go green and environmentally friendly route. The airflow pulverizer is the same.

  Second, the intelligent automation of airflow pulverizer

  With the continued development of the national economy, people will definitely ask for more requirements for the development of the airflow crusher industry. A company wants to live for a long time, and the update of the product is very important. The era is changing, and it will only be destroyed. Therefore, the crusher industry still needs to seek breakthroughs, starting from technology innovation. With the arrival of the intelligent automation, intelligent, automation will also become an inevitable trend in the future mechanical industry, and the Chinese medicine crusher industry also carses the needs of the market and constantly moving towards intelligent automation.

  Airflow pulverizer breaks through the development of bottlenecks in the industry, catching up the internationalization, domestic manufacturers must not only expand overseas markets, but also to get higher-end technology, so they can stand in the world of milling machines. Therefore, intelligent automation inevitably becomes airflow pulverizer manufacturers Choice.

  Third, Airflow Crusher Modular Design

  my country's international market status is continuously improved today, providing users with high performance, high reliability, high mobility, good maintenance and economical equipment gradually Become the goal of manufacturers chasing. Therefore, in order to meet the personalized needs of users, manufacturers should take multi-variety, small batch production methods, and develop quality and low price products. The most effective way to achieve the above requirements is to adopt modular design principles, methods and techniques. The Chinese medicine crusher industry and the market are still in a fast-growing opportunity. With the improvement of the construction standards of the pulverizer, the requirements for the performance and efficiency of the company's products are further improved. In this regard, high-performance, flexible crusher will open up new "Blue Sea" in the international market, and modular design Principles, methods and techniques will also become an effective way.

  China as the main battlefield for airflow pulverizer machinery, currently, domestic fluidized bed airflow crusher mechanical enterprises are facing more than 90% of capacity. It is said that the airflow crusher industry wants to achieve sustainable development, to consider numerous factors, from the entire domestic market to analyze the problem, find a good solution to the problems and methods of the present, and develop some foreign markets, but in line with the current market demand Crusher, use high technical content to conquer the market.

  Breakthrough by the crusher, grace machine, and granulation, coating, coating, and modification of AlPa, breaking the foreign technical barriers, filled the gap in China, greatly promoted medicine, food, Technological progress and industrial upgrading in the fields of chemical, minerals, new materials, solid waste treatment. He has won the honorary title of the Ministry of Science and Technology "Science and Technology SME Technology Innovation Fund", "Shandong Province's first batch of gazelle enterprises", "Shandong invisible champion enterprise", "high-tech enterprise", "China Patent Shandong Star Enterprise" and other honorary titles.