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The factors that determine the development direction of the airflow crusher are bonding market deman

  The cosmetics contain a large amount of solid powder, such as titanium powder, calcium carbonate, gas flow wear technology to manufacture high-grade pressure powder makeup manufacturing, can improve powder structure, greatly improve the performance of powder performance and product quality.In my country, the airflow crusher industry is investigated in the infrastructure, leading to overcapacity of capacity. It is only possible to make market demand in medium quality, small enterprises. In such an economic situation slightly slightly downturn, accelerate the adjustment of the industrial structure and the development of technological innovation and stability development is the weight. The implementation of the policy is in line with the requirements of the masses, in order to be more harmonious and perfect, it will have their own industries and markets in the airflow crusher. At the request of the customers, the airflow pulverizer manufacturers test materials are non-ore, chemical, abrasive, Chinese medicine, battery materials, metal powder. On-site test display device is extremely operational, excellent in fineness indicators. The whole machine clamp link, convenient to disassemble, cleaning; feeding system, pulverization grading system, airfine control, machine digital touch screen adjustment; with one button start, one-button shutdown, convenient user use.

  The material in the pulverizing chamber is accelerated by the supersonic airflow into a fluid, mutually collision, mutually broken, thereby achieving ultrafine pulverization of the material. The crushing material is sent to the grading area by the rising air, and the fine powder conforming to the granularity requirements is selected from the grading wheel. The coarse powder that is not divided will return to the hitting zone to continue pulverizing, and has been pulverized to the required fineness, and finally selection of the graded wheel. The gas flow carrying the finished powder is separated from the cyclone separator. After separating the fluid separator, the discharge device is discharged. The rest of the fine powder and gas enters the pulsed gray dust collector, and the pulsed gray dust collector is collected. The purified gas is exported to the airflow milling machine through the air.

  ALPA powder technology has always adhered to the development concept of "we use the heart, only the airflow mill", adhering to the "quality first, service-oriented" concept, has been based on technological innovation, science and technology research and development As the cornerstone, constantly improve the efficiency and safety of the airflow pulverizer, and is committed to providing customers with safer, energy-saving, environmentally friendly airflow mill products, creating more value for customers, creating greater benefits for employees, for society Do more responsibility.