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The important development direction of the airflow pulverizer is energy saving, efficient

  Fluidized Bed Grinding is the main model of gas flow grinding. It has obvious advantages compared to other crushing equipment, which represents the mainstream direction of gas flow crushing equipment, widely used in pharmaceutical, traditional Chinese medicine, pesticide, chemical, metallurgy. Non-metallic mine, talc, heavy gold stone, kaolin, quartz, graphite, flame retardant materials, advanced materials, ceramics and other dry powder materials.In recent years, environmental protection has always been the direction of national key support. As a manufacturer of airflow pulverizer, the development of airflow pulverizer must follow the country's policy foot, develop, benefit society, and benefit society. Many users bring convenience. Of course, in addition to energy saving and environmental protection, improve equipment efficiency is also

  airflow pulverizer important development direction. The airflow pulverizer is different from other crushers. Under high-speed airflow, the material passes the impact between the particles, the gas stream impacts shear effects and materials and other components, friction, and shear. . Therefore, the average particle size of the material after the gas flow is thin, the particle size distribution is narrow, the particle surface is smooth, the particle shape is standardized, the purity is high, the activity is high, and the dispersibility is good; the low melting point and thermal material and biologically active article (because the gas flow is pulverized The machine is powered by compressed air, and the adiabatic expansion of the compressed gas in the nozzle will reduce the system temperature). According to statistics, about 25% of the airflow pulverizer for drugs is ultra-fine preparation for drugs.

  In recent years, the crushing equipment has been greatly improved in the past, and its structure is constantly improving, and the crushing performance is continuously improved. In order to meet the development of information technology, biotechnology and new material technology, the higher requirements of particle size, purity and particle size distribution of powder products, the development of ultrafine gas flow should pay attention to the following aspects: in existing foundation Upper, improve, optimize ultrafine gas flow crushing equipment, develop new equipment, and pay attention to smashing, grading system matching design; large equipment, in the above ultrafine airflow pulverizer, compared to fluidized bed The gas flow pulverizer has a significant advantage.

  The current environmental protection is not the problem facing the airflow pulverizer. Any system that is well-caught is not leaking has basically realized "zero emissions". The workplace does not have to sweep, as long as the land is mopped. Therefore, the main problem facing the airflow crusher is facing energy-saving and efficient issues. The gas flow crusher equipment has high manufacturing cost, large energy consumption, and the cost of processing are also large.The pulverizer is low, so these two aspects will be the largest overcome point of all airflow mill manufacturers.


  Fluid Bed Airflow Crusher Production enterprises must develop multi-function, high efficiency, low-consuming crusher equipment through constant learning and research, this is the development trend of future airflow crusher .

  ALPA experimental workshop equipment 30 sets of test processing equipment, experimental center subpack detection and laboratory instruments, granularity, whiteness, density, specific surface area, image, etc., can also provide a small test, medium Try, big trials, even 1: 1 feeding experiment, experimental content includes various comminuted, grading, plastic, dry, modification, delivery, ammagnetic powder test, providing reliable guarantees for subsequent R & D, design and manufacturing.