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Airflow pulverizer is suitable for those industries

  Diamond special air flow grinding, the material collides with each other, the wear is small, and the product is free of iron pollution. No water separation, water washing, complete dry production, a diamond micropowder having a better particle size distribution can be obtained. Stable, complete hierarchical flow field and special sealing measures, reliably prevent leakage of crude particles, narrow particle size distribution and no large particles. There is a plastic function on the particle shape. The airflow pulverization classifier has a variable combination structure: a one-purpose dual use, which can be smash and can be graded separately. Easy wear parts use wear-resistant treatment, which greatly reduces the wear of the equipment and prolongs the service life. Automation control, low noise, no dust pollution.Airflow pulverizer and the innovative design of the pulverized nozzle so that the equipment has superior pulverization. The grading principle is to use the speed control operation of the grading wheel to form the material particle size classification, super capability of the pulverity and the superior power of the transition member, and the performance of the super capability, and the superior power system, self-contained. In addition, in terms of the design of the system, the feed system is used between the mechatronics and the principle of intelligence control. When the system equipment is produced in the production of ultrafine materials, the operation is achieved, the efficiency of production and the stability of the quality of the finished product are achieved. Since the superfine powder is extremely thin, the specific surface area is large, the defect is less, and the surface activity is high, the chemical reaction rate is fast, the solubility is high, the sintering temperature is low, the strength of the sintered body is high, and the filling is good, but also has a unique Light, electricity, magnetic energy, etc., so airflow pulverizer is widely used in high-grade coatings, pharmaceuticals, high-tech ceramics, microelectronics and information materials, advanced fire resistance and insulation materials, fillers and new materials.

  The airflow pulverizer uses high-speed rotating rotary body (hammer head, blade, etc.) to produce impact, abrasive, friction between the fixing body, the material, thereby achieving a fine break. Its structure is simple, the pulverization is high, the pulverization is large, and the continuous operation, the operation is smooth, so it is widely used in mining, chemical, food, drugs, building materials and other industries. However, due to the high speed operation of the rotary body and the impact of the material, it is necessary to have a certain wear, so the impact mill is suitable for processing in processing, soft material. The air flow passes through a set of abrasive nozzles into the pulverization chamber and accelerates the material particles, so that the particles are impact, collide, and rubbed; the gas flow is pulled with a pulverized particlesThe row tube moves into the grading zone; under the action of the fractional area, the intensive particle flow is divided into, the inner fine material is discharged from the louver-type inertial classifier, which is the finished product; the outer thickness is returned along the down line Continue to circulate and crush until the qualified material.

  To reduce customer pre-investment, reduce project investment risks, improve product competitiveness, and ALPA provides customers with processing services to meet customer diversity needs. Can be processed by battery materials, environmentally friendly desulfurization, building materials and solid waste, non-metallic mines, pharmaceuticals, food / cosmetics / health products, fine chemicals, powder metallurgy, high-tech materials, and other materials.