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How to avoid explosion

  When we process production, use the ultrafine pulverizer sometimes do not only have some unexpected things, such as explosion, then how should we avoid this happening? Let's take a look now!

  The ultrafine pulverizer is suitable for a variety of materials, a combination process of a variety of working conditions, which is 0.5-5 kg ​​/ h (experimental type); the pulverized temperature is room temperature ~ 196 ° C. For any fiber, high toughness High hardness or material having a certain water rate can be applied. The high fibers can be pulverized with a crushing of a pulverized mill; obtaining a finer powder to improve the utilization of the material and obtain a powder of the fluidity, prevent the substance from pulverizing Heat, deteriorate, keep the color, fragrance, taste, and nutrient constant; prevent the dust explosion during the pulverization process, reduce noise; high pulverization ability of the crusher. During the production process of ultrafine pulverizer, you must check the bearing Temperature, when the temperature rise exceeds 50 ° C, the water tube cooling bearing should be described. When the temperature rises to 90 ° C, it should be stopped, and the cause is found and the fault is excluded. When the new machine is running, the transmission belt is easy to eliminate, pay attention to adjust the appropriate looseness of the belt to ensure the work life of the belt. Inspection, timely replacement ensures production quality and production. Blade, often check the wear situation, if wear, the productivity decreases, the particle size is replaced after the granularity is replaced. The ultrafine pulverizer method improves ultrafine pulverity on the process. Pullevation, particle size distribution adjustment control technology. Currently used for the preparation of ultrafine powder equipment, Raymond mill, vertical mill, ball mill, turning cylindrical ball mill, vibration grinding, grinding fine powder machine. With the above pulverized apparatus, the D98 particle size is evenly controlled to have a good classification device. It must be fine. The ultrafine pulverizer is suitable for dry ultrafine pulverization processes. Due to high airflow, the impact is large, and the powder is inflation in airflow. Crushing, does not warm, suitable for thermal, low melting point and ultrafine pulverization with volatile materials. Using automation, intelligent control system, accurately controlling the pulverization process, ensuring uniform particle size distribution.