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The "work" of the ultrafine pulverizer in other industries

  It is well known that the ultra-fine pulverizer is widely used in the traditional Chinese medicine industry. This machine can save raw materials and make the raw materials to maximize the function, then we will now take a look at the ultrafine crusher can play in other industries!

  The ultrafine pulverizer is a new type of high-tech product, has achieved significant achievements in the Chinese medicine pharmaceutical industry, and the ultrafine pulverization technology is applied to the cosmetics industry, and "improve bioavailability, reduce the amount, improve and expand The role of absorption, improve effect and efficacy. It is mainly used that cell-level fine powder can be absorbed by skin mucosa, and a new way is opened up to further develop traditional Chinese medicine cosmetics. After breaking the wall by ultrafine pulverizer cells, the effectiveness is short, absorbs more sufficient, more comprehensive, and more obvious. The cell-breaking crusher is a cell-breaking homogenized operation in which the cells breaking the Chinese herbal medicine cells. After the cell is broken, the internal solvent in the broken cell can be directly contacted the effective ingredients of the solvent, which can directly enter the solvent by the human body; the drug starting time will be significantly shortened, the drug is more comprehensive, and the intensity is higher , The amount of absorbent will increase, so that the role is also more obvious. The cosmetic raw material can be homogenized by a superfine pulverizer. It will cause precision composite and uniformity of the effective components of Chinese herbal medicines, which can also enhance the effect of drugs. With the ultrafine pulverizer, some fresh drugs can be made directly into cosmetics. You can use a micro-powder machine to put the direct picked cosmetic beauty plant medicinal material, mix, mix, etc., directly for the beauty mask to be applied; truly all natural, green cosmetics. Therefore, the application of the ultrafine pulverizer in the cosmetics industry also has a trust of many beauty institutions. In fact, it is not only the application of an industry, including other industries, making this crusher's development in the market.