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How to store the ultrafine pulverizer

  The ultrafine pulverizer is now widely used in various industries. That's now, let's take a look at science! Ultrafine Crusher Operation Procedures 1, check whether there is oil in the lubrication before booting. 2. Remove the metal, sand, stone and other debris in the material to prevent damage to the machine. 3, hand must not reach into the feed port, and do not open the cover in the operation. 4, the screen aperture should be appropriately selected, and the damage should be riveted. 5. It is strictly forbidden to start the load, the machine is running a minute and then feeds, and the appropriate amount of water is marked. 6. Turn a second minute to clear the rest of the machine before the stop. Ultrafine pulverizer adjustment and maintenance 1, mainly damaged parts of the crusher: flat teeth, round tooth, large, small grinding. Flat teeth and round tooth steel processed, dynamic balance, severe grinding, replacement, self-cultivation size, size, per piece of weight, no more than 1 gram, so as not to vibrate, bearing and machine. 2, 0.6-12 mm Various different specifications of sieves. When replacing, the light surface is required. 3, the bearing regularly fills high-speed butter, check once in half a month, and find it in time, it should be replaced or repaired in time. 4. It is strictly forbidden to collide, and the long-term stop should be cleaned inside and outside, properly keep it to prevent rust. 5. All causes of manufacturing are not working properly, users can contact the manufacturer directly, free warranty. Ultrafine Crusher Precautions 1, the operator should stand on the side of the feeding port, the hand is prohibited from reaching into the mouth, and the operation and the machine will not stop the cover. 2. It is strictly forbidden to start the load. When the feed mouth is blocked, it is forbidden to feed the hand or wooden stick, and should be closed immediately. Working properly to feed, if there is a half-wet material, it is best to dry, or reduce feeding. Ultrafine pulverizer machine maintenance and storage 1, often inspect the fastening of each component, preventing it from falling off, damaging the machine. 2, each oil injection hole should be refueling, and the bearing portion is cleaned every half year of the lithium-based grease. 3. When there is a shutdown job, the machine should be idled for a period of time, the filler in the package, and then shut down. 4, the machine should be removed when the machine is deactivated, and the grease is filled with all the rotating parts, stored in the warehouse of air drying, non-corrosive gas.