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Tungsten carbide small airflow pulverization classifier characteristics!

  It is especially suitable for pulverizing fibrous and belt materials with a certain grease. Its comprehensive performance has reached the international advanced level, and AlPa gas flow is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical and food (Example: Chinese medicine. Food. Chemical. Care. Roots. Radius. Corn, rice, pepper, pepper, oil wheat, soy, garlic , Octagonal, cinnamon, dehydrated vegetables, hawthorn, dried ginger, garlic, sugar, sugar, food, shrimp skin, pumpkin powder, seasoning, etc.

  Shandong Erfa is suitable for three series of tungsten carbide ultra-fine pulverization grades, respectively, MQW gas flow pulverizer, FW airflow classifier, FW nitrogen gas flow pulverization grader. For tungsten carbide, the high-grade turbine gas flow classifier is used to accurately control the grading granularity, and the particle size of the discharge is approximately between D50 = 1-74μm, which can be arbitrarily adjusted; the yield is about 5-500 kg per hour.

  Tungsten carbide special airflow pulverization grading machine mainly has the following characteristics:

  1, full-negative pressure operation during processing, no dust pollution on site, ensuring clean and drying of the environment.

  2, tungsten carbine can reach precise control grading, and 1-30 microns are arbitrarily adjustable.

  3, the crushing grading precision of the hard alloy superhard material is arbitrarily adjustable between D97 = 3-74 microns.

  4, large yield, high purity, low temperature operation.

  5, using bag dust removal, appendedly anti-blow, offline cleaning, 75% collection rate, effectively reducing the loss of raw materials.

  6. The equipment is made of stainless steel, reducing finished magazine, and increase purity.ALPA Powder Technology has been born in 20 years, has been adhering to the scientific management model of modern enterprises, adheres to "piety, fine, strict, harmonious" as the spiritual concept, and pursue excellence, casting dawn brand, revitalize the nation Industry "as a result of strong development purposes.