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How to perform ultrafine pulverization in lithium iron phosphate

  Lithium electrode material special airflow pulverized grading equipment, Shandong AlPa mainly consists of three major products, more than ten series. Depending on the battery powder, the negative electrode material is different, the production capacity requirements are different from the application, and special equipment for manufacturing production is customized. The product has: high yield, uniform particle size distribution, good particle size. It can be widely used in battery powder positive material micron-level experiments and production.Lithium iron phosphate battery is a new type of lithium-ion battery that has caused extensive attention in recent years. Since the lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) material has a higher energy, long-term life, stable structure, good safety, low cost, as a power The battery has high quality and low energy, low unit price / low life, and high operating potential. Crushing is a very important part of the production process of lithium iron phosphate. The particle size distribution of the product is narrow, no smash and large particles, low powder rate, and is the vast majority of batteries. The preferred choice for material manufacturers. Shandong El Pieces Powder Technology Co., Ltd. has been launched by the lithium iron phosphate has a high finished product rate, a uniform particle size distribution, and a good particle size. It can be widely used in battery powder positive material micron-level experiments and production.

  The lithium iron phosphate special gas flow pulverizer is a device with a high-speed airflow to realize the ultra-fine pulverized of the dry material, composed of a feed zone, a pulverizing region, a grading area, and the like. The material enters the pulverization area through the feed zone, and the pulverized material enters the grading area with the rising airflow under the action of the negative pressure system, satisfying the fine particles required by the particle size into the cyclone separator, the dust collector collection, does not meet the particle size requirements The coarse particles return to the pulverization area to continue to be pulverized.

  The lithium iron phosphate has the following performance advantages:

  1. Airflow pulverizer, has a plastic ability, excellent finished particle shape, and can obtain a ball (potato) particles.

  2, the particle size distribution is narrow, the finished product has a high density.

  3. Mechanical ultrafine pulverizer, low pulverization, the finished product can reach 75% -95%.

  4, the inside of the equipment can be inner lining wear-resistant material, the finished product is purified, and the equipment is small.

  5, airflow classifier, use variable frequency adjustment, can be adjusted at 0.5um-100um.

  6. The equipment is stable, and there is no difference and variation in continuous boot for a long time.

  7, fully enclosed negative pressure, automation control, low noise, no dust pollution.

  Lithium iron phosphate special airflow pulverizer structure features:

  1, the material contact cavity uses ceramic or coated liner, and eliminating iron contamination brought in material crushing to ensure the purity of the pulverized article.

  2, no temperature rise. The material is pulverized in the gas expansion, and the temperature will not rise.

  3, small wear, particle mutual rushing collision, rarely colliding with the wall, can be applied to the material of the crushing Moh's hardness 9.

  4, low energy consumption, 15% to 25% of energy conservation compared to other types of airflow pulverization machines.

  Adopting advanced automation control, the operating status is displayed in real time, easy to operate, can form a central monitoring system with other series equipment control systems according to customer actual requirements, and achieve remote monitoring.

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