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Ultrafine pulverizer is the development of traditional Chinese medicine industry

  Military, aviation, electronics, aerospace and other field gas flow applications: (1) ultra-hard, impact material, ceramic powder, hard plastic (light weight); (2) ultrafine silicon oxide, high performance resistance material; 3) Ultrafine iron oxide powder, high-performance magnetic material; (4) ultrafine oxidant, explosive, combustion speed increased by 1 to 10 times; (5) ultra-fine graphite, high performance imaging tube and electronic counterfeit material;Chinese medicine industry It has always been our traditional advantage industry. With the acceleration of the development and utilization of China's development, Chinese medicine processing equipment is also tight with pace, innovation, such as ultrafine pulverizer. In recent years, the ultrafine pulverizer has improved the processing fineness of the material to micro-powder, which is a great help of the Chinese medicine industry through continuous innovation.

  Studies have shown that ultrafine pulverization technology achieves breakthroughs in the breakthrough of traditional Chinese medicine, and the traditional Chinese medicine preparation obtained by ultrafine pulverization technology can significantly improve the efficacy compared to the traditional Chinese medicine preparation. absorb. One feature of the ultrafine pulverizer is to increase the drug absorption to improve its bioavailability. The size of the pharmaceutical particles and the structure of the powder are an important factor affecting drug absorption. After the Chinese medicine passes through the ultrafine treatment, its particle size is even uniform, the specific surface area increases, the porosity increases, the drug can be better dispersed, dissolved in the gastrointestinal fluid, and increase the contact area of ​​the gastrointestinal film, more easy to get stomach Intestinal absorption, whether it is a topical patch, or the capsule of the oral, can be used to reach the original pharmacodynamic effect after ultrafine pulverization, for mineral medicines, equivalent to a portion of water insoluble substance, after ultra-micro treatment Since the particle size is greatly reduced, it can be added to the body, the absorption speed, improve the absorption amount; in addition, the ultra-fine pulverizer is also conducive to retention of the biologically active ingredient to improve the efficacy. During the ultrafine pulverization process, the control may not produce overheating phenomena, and even in low temperature, well and the pulverization speed is fast, which is conducive to retaining high temperature biological active ingredients and various nutrients, thus improving the efficacy, such as Ganoderma lucidum contains rich amino acids and trace elements, with activation of immune function, anti-tumor, anti-thrombus, etc., after ultrafine crushing, the efficacy is more complete.

  For the next overseas expansion, the General Manager of the ALPA Powder Science and Technology said that ALPA powder technology is very clear, and it is also full of confidence. In the future, ALPA powder technology adheres to innovation and driving, quality priority,Attentive service, we will build a "global sales" system to form a global competitive manufacturing enterprise.