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Analysis of the causes and countermeasures of noise problem in airflow pulverizer

  Biological, medical sector airflow applications: (1) submicron and nanoscale needles; (2) Medicine refinement, improve absorption (ultra-microcallar); (3) health products refine, improve absorption rate;In the process of working, the airflow pulverizer will make a relatively large sound, but this is the normal sound from the machine's work. Sometimes the airflow pulverizer will make some abnormal sounds when crushing materials, and it can be called noise at this time. The main reason for the noise when the airflow pulverizer is pulverized as:

  1 When the pulverizer is running at high speed, the operation member boosted the air to generate "" "called:

  2 The device is generated, the vibration is generated;

  3 The friction between the turntable or hammer and the drug;

  4 The rubbing of the device rotates the friction occurred.

  For the cause of noise, the solution is mainly:

  1 each rotating member plus lubricant, if the bearing and the axis are misaligned, adjust; bearing wear, replace the bearing;

  2 The thermal phenomenon of the pulverization process also produces noise, which can take a reduction in the disintegration of the disintegration;

  3 in the sprinner, mounting the muffler;

  4 to vibrate the device, such as the vibration damping pad .

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