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Ultrafine pulverizer maintenance method check details

  We know that we need to pay attention to some things in the mechanical use to avoid damage to the machine, then we now look at how the ultrafine crusher should check the maintenance of the ultrafine pulverizer! (1) Ultrafine pulverizer works around 50 hours, to disassemble the machine components, check and cleaning; accumulate to 200 hours, should be on the bearing, oil cup and felt seal in the bearing housing Clean and re-apply the lubricant. During the machine work, often pay attention to the sound and vibration of the machine. When the vibration is very strong, it should be found in time to adjust. When the machine is not in use, the triangle should be unloaded, and the lubricating oil is applied to the machine surface, the rotor, the Akasaka and the gear, and the machine is stored in the dry and ventilated place. (2) When the machine works for a while, the output begins to decline, and should be inspected and repaired as follows: 1 Hammer excessively worn. When the hammer uses a period of time, the angle will be worn, the front end will be worn, affecting the machine to function properly, reduce yield, at this time, the angle of the hammer should be exchanged, in order to the proportion of the rotor, four hammers should be simultaneous Replace and arrange it according to the original method. The two sets of hammers of the symmetry shaft should not exceed 5g, otherwise the strong vibration of the machine body will cause the machine. 2 screen wear. After the screen is worn, it should be more and more. When installing a new screen, the grunge should face the inside, the screening frame is to fit closeness, when installing the ring screen, the inner reflection should be rotated in the direction, so Prevent the feed of the card owner or material at the interface. The elasticity of triangular belt. When the machine works for a while, it will be long, it is easy to damage when rotating, so as long as you adjust the fastening screw of the engine, it will be a triangle tension. Ultrafine pulverizer winter maintenance payment: 1. Ultrafine pulverizer must often check the temperature rise of the bearing during the production process, when the temperature rise exceeds 50 ° C, should be closed, and the reason is to rule out the fault. 2. When the new machine is running, the drive belt is easy to eliminate, and should pay attention to adjust the appropriate looseness of the belt to ensure the work life of the belt. 3. Ultrafine pulverizer is easy to check, and replace production quality and production volume in time. 4, ultrafine pulverizer blade, the bushing should often check the wear situation, if wear, the productivity decreases, and the particle size is replaced after the particle size is replaced. 5, the ultrafine pulverizer host and the grading flow bearing are lipid lubrication, using 2 special grease, degree 265-295.6, the ultrafine pulverizer bearing is 2000 hours, and the filling of the grease is 1/2 (episode) or 3/4 (lower test) of the inner space in the bearing cavity. Otherwise, it will cause too high of the bearing temperature. 7. The ultrafine pulverizer spiral feeder has been changed from 4,000 hours, and the calcium based grease is added.