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Ultrafine pulverizer should be strictly inspected to be put into use

  The ultrafine pulverizer must be strictly tested to be put into use. The ultrafine pulverizer is an apparatus for ultrafine pulverization of dry materials using air separation, heavy polishing, and shear. It consists of a cylindrical crushed chamber, a polishing wheel, a polishing rail, a fan, a material collection system, and the like. The material enters the cylindrical pulverizing chamber by the feed opening, and is crushed by the polishing wheel that is circumferential movement along the grinding rail, and dissensibly. The pulverized material brings out the pulverizer through the negative pressure air flow caused by the fan, into the material collection system, filtered through the filter bag, the air is discharged, the material, the dust is collected, and the pulverization is completed. Airflow pulverizer and cyclone separator, dust collector, and airplane set into a set of pulverization systems. After the compressed air is dried, it is sprayed into the pulverizing chamber by the Lavar nozzle, and the material is repeatedly collided with the intersection of the multi-high pressure airflow.

  The crushing material is pulverized after the fan pulling force Airflow movement to the grading area, under the power of high-speed rotation, the thick centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation, the fine particles that meet the particle size requirements are collected by the grading wheel into the cyclone and the dust collector, and the crude particles drops to the pulverizing region to continue pulverization. . The main applied pulverization mechanism determines the characteristics of a wide range of applications, high finished products, typical materials are: super hard diamond, silicon carbide, metal powder, etc., high purity requirements: ceramic color, medicine, Biochemical, low temperature requirements: medicine, PVC. By change the ordinary air of the gas source to nitrogen, carbon dioxide gas, etc., the unit can be made into an inert gas protection device, which is suitable for the pulverization classification of materials such as flammable explosive, easy oxidation. It is well known that the composition of traditional Chinese medicine is complex, including alkaloids, glycosides, volatile oils, organic acids, flavonoids, and the like. These active ingredients are typically present in different parts of the drug. For example, the content of ginsenosides in the cortex is higher than that of the core material, and the amount of starch in the core material is also higher. When the core material is pulverized, the core material is pulverized to reach the skin layer. If a selective pulverization method (i.e., less grinding multi-screen), the generated pulverized material first forms a fine powder. On the other hand, the difficult crushing material will be thrown away. At the same time, the volatile ingredients in this drug will be taken away by a large amount of gas in the airflow class, which is why the content of saponins and volatiles is reduced when crushing for ginseng and flavor.

  (2) When crushing for ginseng and fragrance, the saponins and volatiles will reach certain purity, which greatly reduces the content of the pulverized, which is also crushing for ginsengAnd the reason for the incense. The rotor pulverizer is high, and the micro-co-casting efficiency is very low, the dust is large, and it cannot be considered. Any device needs a series of strict tests before investing in use, how to make the ultrafine pulverizer do the right test in this step? Newly installed devices, when replacing the device and waiting for a comminuted warehouse, foreign matter, such as the residual iron, weld head, welding slag can be inevitable. In the case where the fan and the main motor are not opened, the impellation of the feed opening is opened to allow impurities and cleaning materials to be discharged from this. 2. When we check everything, turn on the power boot device. Check the direction of rotation of all motors. 3. Check if the solenoid valve injection is inhaled, adjust the dust collector solenoid pulse width and injection interval. 4. Check if there is a leak under the brake dragon, you can use your hands or fine powder to have suction feelings, if you must have a seal. After passing the above test, it is prepared to produce materials. 5. Check and set the parameters of the feed motor and the hierarchy motor of the ultrafine pulverizer, check whether the motor's void, contactor, heat relay, and overcurrent relay is appropriate. Lock all the lines.

Ultrafine pulverizer should be strictly inspected to be put into use