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Ultrafine pulverizer takes you to see which industries in use in the Chinese medicine industry are i

  We know that a mechanical existence is used, then everyone knows that the ultrafine pulverizer can play an important role in the traditional Chinese medicine industry, then the ultrafine pulverizer can also be used in those industries? The scope of use of ultrafine pulverizer is relatively wide, can be used in chemical, metallurgy, building materials, pharmaceutical, food, jewelry and other industries. Can be used to kaolin, Li Decan, carbon black, gypsum, talc, lime, long stone, coal smooth, husk red mud, shell, spur bone, natural rubber, Huang Dan, sulfate zinc oxide, iron oxide, calcium carbonate, sulfuric acid Magnesium, heavy calcium, graphite, titanium white powder, mid-ridge, aluminum ore, coal gangue, diatomite, bentonite, wheat stone, red sand, ice stone, manganese dioxide, leaf stone, square solution, Dolomite , Silica graystone, white mud clay, titanium iron ore, cyanite, glass, Hu Jing, fish bone powder, etc. Hundreds of minerals, plants, food, non-metallic materials for minerals, plants, food, non-metallic materials below Moquel hardness . [Airflow pulverizer] The fineness of the ultrafine pulverizer can be arbitrarily adjusted at 20-1250.