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Ultrafine pulverizer takes us to see what it can play!

  We know that the ultrafine pulverizer is used in various industries. So, use such a wide ultra-fine pulverizer to use which parts make up what effect, let's take a look! The ultrafine pulverizer consists of several parts of feed, smash, slag, support, and transmission. Let's take a look at its characteristics. 1, the machine has two kinds of crushing chambers, ie, a two-segment pulverized work effect, wherein the rotor diameter in the first puller chamber is smaller than the rotor diameter of the second pulley, and is an emissive blade. The No. 1 rotor blade in each pulling chamber is rotated in the drain direction of about 5 degrees in the longitudinal angle of the spindle, and the second rotor blade is perpendicular to the main shaft. A replaceable blade manufactured by high-hardness alloy is fixed on the blade, and the pulverized chamber cylinder is parallel, and there is a minute gap therebetween. Both the first pulverizing chamber and the second pultcloid room are spaced between the second pulverizing chamber and the fan chamber. These two sets of blades respectively hit the impact, grinding, shear effects, and the counterattack of the collision plug, the material is pulverized; 2. The internal force is forced to ventilate, one is the grading effect, the second is to diffuse heat; 3, the machine is set to have a slag System, the machine can exclude the grindstone of the debris and residual machine, which is conducive to improving product quality, ensuring normal production capacity, reducing wear; 4. The product particle size can be from the air volume, conical portion and blade Glaf or the like; 5, can be set to a variety of systems with a variety of minerals. The above story is the characteristics of the ultrafine crusher. I don't know friends. I hope that through this article, everyone can master some knowledge, and many people use the ultrafine pulverizer, no matter which machine, it will be avoided some. Fault, the most important thing is to handle malfunctions with the correct way, then before use, the machine features the first palm.