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Eddy current pulverizer correctly

  Rare earth polishing powder special airflow mill, full-negative pressure during processing, no dust pollution on site, guarantee the clean and dryness of the environment. Graphite pulverization is highly high, large production! Can choose special equipment according to different raw materials, fully automated control, low energy consumption. Rare earth polishing powder special airflow classifier, pulverized grading accuracy is arbitrarily adjustable between D97 = 3-74 microns. Granular appearance plastic function, spherical graphite "potato shape". Bag dust removal, appendedly anti-blow, offline cleaning, 75% collection rate, effectively reduce the loss of raw materials.Eddy current pulverizer and cyclone separator, dust collectors and air machines have become a complete crushing system. After filtration of compressed air is dried, the high-speed nozzle is sprayed into the pulverized chamber, repeated collision, friction and shear at the intersection of the plurality of high pressure airflows, and pulverized the material. The crushing material moves from the rising airflow to the hierarchical region under the suction of the fan, generating a strong centrifuge generated by a high speed rotation. Under force, the fine particles are separated, and the cyclone and dust collectors are collected by the granular particles, and the coarse particles fall into the pulverized region to continue to be pulverized. The application of the eddy current crusher is very wide. Everyone knows, do you know how to use it correctly?

  1. Preparation before the eddy current pulverizer is started

  Check whether the host, joint, pipeline, the valve is normal, normal work.

  2, open the eddy current pulverizer

  (1) Open the compressor power supply, dustpress pressure valve and the main air valve, open the power switch of the airflow pulverizer, and turn on the power switch.

  (2) From zero, gradually adjust to the specified speed.

  (3) Open the fan, cyclone separator, dust removal and charger power, open the total power box, set the frequency of the inverter, and then start charging.

  (4) The particle size of the finished product can be adjusted according to the frequency and bearing capacity of the grading wheel.

  3, eddy current pulverizer stop sequence is: inverter - feeder - main valve compressor - compression type impeller motor - cyclone material, dust removal switch - fan - universal power air compressor.

  4, eddy current pulverizer maintenance and maintenance

  (1) Periodically lubricate the eddy current pulverizer, but the lubricating oil should not be too large to prevent the bearing temperature too high.

  (2) Checking the wear of impeller, helical conveyors and crushing nozzles.

  (3) After pulverizing the material, the rubber powder should be removed to avoid clogging, thereby affecting the crushing effect.

  (4) After a filter bag for a filter bag, it should be cleaned or replaced.

  5, Eddy Current Crusher Precautions

  (1) When the discharge equipment is running, the unloading port cannot be reached to avoid accidents.

  (2) The rotational speed of the impeller should not exceed the specified requirements, otherwise the temperature is too high, the impeller and the electric chance are damaged.

  (3) Regularly check the safety valve to ensure safety.

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