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Research and development ultrafine gas flow crusher is a good choice

  The inert gas protective gas flow grinding timely release static electricity and eliminating ignition source. The pulsed anti-blow collector can eliminate static electricity in time, while ensuring the pulse clear ash clean thoroughness. The equipment is all metal components, all grounded to try to release powder static electricity.

  The airflow pulverizer realizes free switching polishing operation from 300 to 5000 to achieve ore processing. Broken, grind powder, transmission, improvement, modify the equipment in a machine. Fluidized bed jet is suitable for metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, ore and other minerals. Broken range: Quartz, Changshi, porcelain soil, clay, bentonite, square album, talc, heavy crystal stone, fluorite, clay, white mud , Gypsum and other non-mineral products, hardness is Mo 10, the humidity is less than 6%.

  This shows that the research hotspot of the air pulverizer is very highlighted, and it plays a pivotal role in the pharmaceutical industry. With the continuous development of the industry, the status of the gas current pulverizer will continue to rise. The airflow pulverizer will become a new technology growth point in the traditional Chinese medicine industry.

  In the past, the airflow pulverizer manufacturers, the extensive processing method did not meet the requirements of Chinese medicine production. The traditional pulverizer has certain limitations in terms of powder particle size, powder yield, powder yield and active ingredients. In this case, the airflow pulverization technique will provide a new way to develop well and multi-traditional Chinese medicine powder.

  On the way of future development, if the blast pulverization technology is introduced into traditional Chinese medicine processing, new pulverization techniques can be created. It not only enriches the content of traditional processing, but also has a new look for Chinese medicine processing production. It will become a growth point of new technology in traditional Chinese medicine industry.

  As an important crushing equipment, the airflow pulverizer needs to be continuously innovated to improve product performance, improve product structure, improve crushing particle size and purity. Research and development of ultrafine gas flow pulverizer may be a good choice. ALPA adheres to the customer-oriented, service as the core, quality as the business philosophy of life, and adheres to the service standards of formation, limited time, standardization, value-added, and all Process, all-weather S530 service commitment to provide customers with but not limited to project consultation, feasibility analysis, craftsmanship, equipment delivery, installation and commissioning, personnel training, after-sales service, qualityEPC project summary service such as Miles.