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High-threatening turbine gas flow classifier

  Airflow mill, avoid impurities to the material, to ensure the fineness of the material. Do not use water, water wash, complete dry production, and a production completion of production can obtain better particle size distribution, non-polluting microfellow powder, and single number finished rate reached more than 75%. Complete, stable, uniform flow field control technology; the constant gas-solid concentration of the pulverized cavity is more than the design technology to ensure the system is stable for a long time; the reasonable flow field design and the wear part use special wear-resistant treatment, large reduction equipment Wear, extended service life, high level precision, more accurate cutting, lower speed, long service life.The high-grade turret is a dry airflow classifier, which is a centrifugal grading machine with a flow field regulation device and a high-speed turbine rotor. It has a wide range of graded range, high grading efficiency, high grading accuracy, and accurate cutting. , Good stability and so on.

  The high-thveravan gas flow classifier is a dry airflow classifier, which is a centrifugal airflow classifier with flow field regulating means, fine powder cleaning device and high speed turbine rotor. Its characteristics: (1) grading Wide wide range: This machine can be hierarily graded or inorganic any material, grading particle diameter D97 = 3 to 74 um, graded spherical, sheet-shaped, and fiber particles; it is also possible to separate materials with large differences. (2) High grading accuracy: Complete stable grading flow field and reliable seal, the material can be precisely classified D97 / D97 / D75 / D25 = 1.1 to 1.5. (3) High grading efficiency: the intense eddy current field and the fine powder cleaning device can be graded in high efficiency, and Newton's efficiency 70 ~ 95. (4) High-speed complete outer grade flow field, greatly eliminates the wear of the classified equipment. ◇ With a strong dispersion device, the agglomerated powder can be effectively dispersed and graded. (5) Flammable, explosive, and easy oxidation materials can be used to achieve closed-circuit classification, inert gas circulation using inert gas. ◇ Multi-stage classification series: 1 to 5 level gas flow classifiers in the concession machine, divide the material according to the size of the particle size to produce particle size requirements of particle size requirements. (6) Full enclosure of negative pressure operation, no dust pollution.

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