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El Pie MQW airflow pulverization classifier is suitable for lithium iron phosphate

  Rare earth polishing powder special airflow mill, full-negative pressure during processing, no dust pollution on site, guarantee the clean and dryness of the environment. Graphite pulverization is highly high, large production! Can choose special equipment according to different raw materials, fully automated control, low energy consumption. Rare earth polishing powder special airflow classifier, pulverized grading accuracy is arbitrarily adjustable between D97 = 3-74 microns. Granular appearance plastic function, spherical graphite "potato shape". Bag dust removal, appendedly anti-blow, offline cleaning, 75% collection rate, effectively reduce the loss of raw materials.Lithium iron phosphate (LIFEPO4, referred to as LFP) is a positive material of a lithium ion battery. Compared with traditional lithium ion secondary battery positive electrode materials, its raw material is more extensive, and the price is lower.

  Lithium-ion battery is a high-capacity rechargeable battery developed in the 1990s. It can store more energy than NiMH batteries, larger energy, long cycle life, small self-discharge rate, no memory effect. The positive electrode material of the lithium-ion battery is lithium cobaltate, lithium manganese acid and lithium iron phosphate, and the negative electrode are carbon material.

  Because the lithium ion battery of the car is large, the heat dissipation is deteriorated, and the safety is declining, how to solve this problem is very important. At present, the most commonly used lithium-ion battery will have a risk of overheating fire or explosion. It is relatively, the positive electrode material is lithium ion battery safety performance of lithium manganese acid and lithium iron phosphate. Shandong Erphen Lithium Positive Materials Special Crushing Equipment, mainly consisting of three major products and more than ten series. Depending on the battery powder, the negative electrode material is different, the production capacity requirements are different from the application, and special equipment for manufacturing production is customized. The product has: high yield, uniform particle size distribution, good particle size. It can be widely used in battery powder positive material micron-level experiments and production.

  El Pie

  Special pulverization classifier

  according to the physical properties of the battery powder, the physical properties of the negative electrode material, using different devices to achieve the optimum output ratio. According to the large number of successful cases of many companies and battery powders, I use our battery powder special mechanical ultrafine pulverizer - graded impact grinding (effectively reducing the use of production equipment) to achieve the effect of pulverization; for lithium batteries, Ni-metal hydrogen battery specific materials can be pulverized to be pulverized using a fluidized bed gas flow pulverizer. High purity requirements, anti-oxidationThe inert gas protection pulverization grading machine can be used, and oxygen is isolated. El Pieces can be made differently according to each company's raw materials, welcome to different custom production, welcome to consult !! El Pieces have been involved in positive materials for many years, and continuously improve and continuously innovate according to industry characteristics and development requirements. In advanced levels in time and effective in equipment stability, reliability, no metal pollution, and after-sales service, there are many equipment and production lines that have multiple equipment and production lines in many regional enterprises.

  AlPa Powder Technology has been adhere to the initial heart, helping all walks of life to increase the intensity of ecological environment, accelerating the pace of industrial adjustment and upgrading, driving air quality continuous improvement, and strive to achieve high quality. In the future, ALPA Powder Technology will adhere to the "high-quality design, high quality development" concept, and actively contribute to the construction of social and economic development and ecological civilization. With a high sense of responsibility and mission, a solid foundation for the social environment and the health and sustainable development of enterprises, providing a solid guarantee for further economic benefits, environmental benefits, and social benefits.