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Do you know the application of airflow crusher in different industries?

  Military, aviation, electronics, aerospace and other field gas flow applications: (1) ultra-hard, impact material, ceramic powder, hard plastic (light weight); (2) ultrafine silicon oxide, high performance resistance material; 3) Ultrafine iron oxide powder, high-performance magnetic material; (4) ultrafine oxidant, explosive, combustion speed increased by 1 to 10 times; (5) ultrafine graphite, high performance image tube and electronic counterfeit material;

  The airflow pulverizer is one of the common ultra-fine pulverized equipment, but not all the powder should be smashed with a gas flow shredder. What kind of industries will be used in the air current crusher?

  The application of airflow pulverization in the military industry

  Tanks and armored car composite panels have high requirements for hardness and impact resistance, and this composite plate is more weight of ordinary tank steel sheets. Light 30% ~ 50%, and the impact strength is 1 to 3 times higher than the impact strength, which is an excellent new composite. Ultra-fine ceramic powder can meet this requirement, and the preparation of ultrafine ceramic powders is accomplished by the airflow pulverizer.

  Airflow pulverizer can also reduce solid oxidants, explosives and catalysts, and the combustion rate made of propellants can be increased by 1 to 10 times more combustion speed, which can improve the hit accuracy and power of rocket engines. It is extremely important to realize the modernization of defense.

  Application of airflow pulverizer in the food industry

  Apple skin, citrus skin, wheat bran, corn skin, bean skin, rice bran, beet slag, sugar canesets, etc., contain rich vitamins and trace elements, have good Nutritional value, not good to eat directly, the absorption effect should also be greatly reduced, and after refining processing through airflow pulverizer, it can significantly improve edible taste and absorption.

  In addition, most of the fruit and vegetable skin, the nucleus contains specific nutrients, which can be directly transformed into food raw materials by ultrafine processing. Such as nutrients such as carbohydrates, minerals, biological flavonoids, such as citrus skin nucleus, have high medicinal value.

  Airflow pulverizer in medicine, the application of the gas current pulverizer, superfine-processed Chinese herbal medicine, not only has no pollution, maintained the original chemical properties of the material, the characteristics of the powder, and The Chinese medicine material can have a unique small size effect, surface or interface effect, such that it exhibits many excellent properties; when the drug is pulverized to 10 μm to 1 μmThere will be new advantages such as accurate, easy to absorb, specificity, targeting. It is more fully able to give full play to the effects of drugs, improve the efficacy, and reduce the economic burden of patients.

  The pesticide raw material can extract the powder particles to 5 to 10 μm or less, significantly improved its uniformity, dispersibility, and dosing contact area. Strife, insecticidal and weeding effect are significantly enhanced, which greatly reduces the use of pesticides. Moreover, the ultrafine powder has a large surface area, strong adsorption capacity, and rain-resistant to the rain, thereby maintaining long-term pesticides. Accordingly, the ultrafine powder is accelerated due to surface activity in agricultural and sideline products and environments, so the amount of pesticide residues decreased, and pollution is reduced.

  Application of airflow pulverizer in the daily chemical industry

  The cosmetics contain a large amount of solid powder, such as titanium ***, calcium carbonate, airflow pulverizer technology to high-grade press-like color makeup manufacturing, can improve powder The body structure, greatly improved the performance of the pollen properties and product quality.

  By ultrafine pulverization of the active material, the dissolution temperature of the active is greatly reduced, which is advantageous for the retention of the activity and transdermal absorption. If the skin care products have an antibacterial, the incectapy is permeable, and it is necessary to dissolve 2 h at 80 ° C, and if ultrafine pulverization, it is only a few minutes at 80 ° C to dissolve, which greatly maintains antibacterial activity.

  Application of airflow pulverizer in the chemical industry

  paint, coating, dye, is superfined, and a new product of high performance high adhesion can be made. In papermaking, plastic and rubber products, solid fillers such as: calcium carbonate, titanium oxide, silicon oxide can produce high-performance copper sheets, plastics and rubber products.

  Application of airflow pulverizer in the new energy industry

  With the national response call taller and taller. The speed of power company has been developed and applied for many years. For example, lithium electrical negative graphite, silicon carbon or the like can achieve ultra-narrow particle size distribution and uniform particle shape; lithium battery positive electrode phosphate, high nickel termination material, lithium manganate, etc. Energy Density.

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