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The reason for the ultrafine pulverizer is hidden in the Chinese herbal medicine industry

  Airflow pulverization technology is applied to high-grade pressure powder makeup manufacturing, improving the powder structure, has great improvement of powder performance and product quality. Airflow pulverization technology has broad application prospects in the cosmetics industry.There is a study showing that

  Ultra-microfocious technology realizes the breakthrough of problems such as traditional Chinese medicine to break the wall, and the traditional Chinese medicine preparation obtained by ultrafine pulverization technology is obvious compared to traditional Chinese medicine preparations obtained by traditional processes. Improve the efficacy is beneficial to the human body absorption.

  A large feature of the ultrafine pulverizer is to increase the drug absorption to improve its bioavailability. The size of the pharmaceutical particles and the structure of the powder are an important factor affecting drug absorption. The Chinese medicine has a small particle size after ultrafoil, and the specific surface area increases, the porosity increase is large, the drug can be better dispersed, dissolved in the gastrointestinal fluid and increases the contact area of ​​the gastrointestinal It is more likely to be absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract, whether it is external or inner taking the ultra-fine pulverization, it can be used to reach the original efficacy. For mineral medicines, it is equivalent to a portion of water insoluble

  Sexual substance, After the ultrafine pulverization treatment, since the particle size is greatly reduced, its dissolution and absorption speed in the body can be accelerated, and the absorption is improved.

  Further, the ultrafine pulverizer is also conducive to retention of biologically active ingredients to improve the efficacy. In the ultrafine pulverization process, the control may not produce overheating phenomena, and even a biological active ingredient and a variety of nutrients that are not resistant to high temperatures can be performed in a low temperature state. Thereby improving the efficacy.

  It can be seen that the ultrafine pulverizer is fully demonstrated in the field of Chinese herbal medicines. However, the industry is not satisfied, and the increasing market requirements still need to continuously improve technology to meet market development. If you need to understand, please call El Pie Powder Technology Co., Ltd. 24-hour online telephone consultation: 0816-2547166.

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