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Flat airflow pulverizer is suitable for dry and brittle materials

  The machine has a comminuted host, a cyclone separator, a pulse dust box, and the like. The material is subjected to a pulverized chamber by the addition of the feed, and the high-speed rotating hard alloy blade is pulverized, and the pulverized fineness can adjust the distance from the hierarchy and the hierarchical disc to achieve the desired fineness, and the smash of the material is turned from heart and the fluid. The role enters the cyclone separator, and then the dust is discharged through the shutter, and the dust enters the pulse dust box and is filtered after filter cartridge. The machine is designed according to the "GMP" standard, all of which can be manufactured in 304 stainless steel materials, and there is no dust in the pulverization process.The flat airflow pulverizer is one of the airflow pulverizer. Since the pulverized chamber structure of the flat air current pulverizer is simple, it is easy to manufacture, so it is widely used. The structure is mainly composed of a crushing chamber, a nozzle port, a discharge opening, an airflow outlet, a compressed air inlet, a grading area, and the like.

  Working principle: Transform the compressed air or overheating steam into a high-speed airflow through the nozzle, when the material is sent to the pulverizing chamber by the feeder, a strong impact and dramatic friction make the material are pulverized Become a super fine product.

  The characteristics of the flat airflow pulverizer include:

  1, suitable for dry, brittle materials, high impact speed, easy to obtain a few microns of particles; 2, since the pulverization mechanism is mainly self-grinding, the product is not easily contaminated by other substances, and high-purity ultrafine powder can be obtained;

  3, can be based on different properties The corresponding lining material (mainly in the crushing chamber is four weeks and intake, the discharge tube portion), thereby solving the problem of hard materials and the bonded body material in pulverization.

  4, the structure is simple, there is no operation of the components, other parts are generally not damaged, and the other parts are generally not damaged;

  5, the entire pulverization process is closed, no dust is flying;

  6, noise low, no Vibration;

  7, easy to clean, no foundation;

  8, can achieve large treatment continuous production, high automation level.

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