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Correct use of traditional Chinese medicine ultrafine pulverizer

  With the rapid development of ultrafine powder related industries, it is widely used in fluid bed gas flow grinding in various industries due to their special performance, and it will become an important member of non-metallic industrial machinery. And key research direction.Airflow pulverizer

  In our lives, everyone also knows that the airflow crusher in the traditional Chinese medicine industry is also a lightweight position. Do you know the correct use of traditional Chinese medicine crushers?

  1. After the Chinese medicine ultrafine pulverizer is opened, first check the equipment in the transportation in the transportation, and then the high machine and the auxiliary electrical control unit are in place. Rehabilitate the pipeline of the main aircraft, each of the pipe port flange is equipped with a seal to be painted with liquid sealant to ensure the sealing of the pipeline, and each single machine and pipe flange are connected to the ground wire, and ground To avoid dust explosions caused by electrostatic sparks.

  2, the airflow pulverizer must be inspected whether there is a metal item in each single-machine trial operation, such as excluding. Whether the bolt is firm, the tightness of the belt, the reliability of the shield, and the like.

  3, in the order of the order, there is a steady motor, close the damper start, crusher -> dust collector -> rating device -> screw feeder -> Open the damper -> Closure.

  4, after five minutes of empty car, the operator should carefully observe the various instruments on the control cabinet, and they can be treated after the electric carrier current is stable. After the feed, the current is not allowed to exceed the rated value of 32.6A, otherwise it should be subjected to the amount to ensure that normal operation of the discharge is fixed.

  5, can be parked in the following order, the spiral feeder -> Operation can be parked the host, dust collector, classifier -> Closure after five minutes.

  6, the stepless speed handle of the stepless gear, can change the speed of the hierarchy, and achieve the excellent adjustment of the product. If the particle size of the article is required, the speed can be improved, and the rotational speed is reduced, and large particle size particles can be reduced.

  In summary, the use of Chinese medicine airflow pulverizer has greatly improved the utilization of medicinal materials, providing a lot of help for our pharmaceutical industry, and of course the gas flow crusher has a pivotal position in other industries. To understand

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