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The working principle of ultrafine pulverizer

  The ultra-fine pulverization technology of airflow is almost used in many areas of agricultural products, food, health food, cosmetics, seasonings, and Chinese herbal medicine. It is expected that this century will have a greater faster development in the following.The ultrafine pulverizer consists of a seat, a drum, a pulverizing cutter, a fine powder trap, a transmission system, and other components. Ultrafine pulverizer can be widely used in Chinese medicine, western medicine, pesticide, biological, cosmetics, food, feed, chemical, ceramics and other industries.

  The principle of working principle of the ultrafine pulverizer:

  The ultrafine pulverizer is a high-speed rotation of the pulverization plate, under the action of centrifugation, the material is placed on the pulverket The impact is pulverized, and it is rotated to the surrounding ring with a very high speed, and the hammer head and the gas stream between the ring gear have a transient alternating change due to the change of the tooth surface.

  is incorporated in this gap, which is further thoroughly pulverized under repeated effect. The pulverized material enters the pulverized chamber, by the rotating graded wheel, the zombie is graded by the affected air power and the centrifugal force, and the separated coarse material is separated from the lumen of the guide cover

  The pulverization chamber repeatedly pulverized, thereby reaching the fine material was sued into the graded impeller, and entered the pulverized release chamber.

  Crushing and separation is the main function of the pulverizer, but also a key factor affecting pulverization efficiency and energy consumption. According to the research on the principle of crushing principles at home and abroad, the shape of the hammer head and the gap between the hammer head and the ring gear teeth, the quality of the grading effect will have a significant impact on the pulverization efficiency and energy consumption.

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