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What are the places where the ultrafine pulverizer is misunderstood?

  Ultrafine pulverizer now has more and more applications, everyone has a certain understanding, it has a lot of misunderstandings in the choice? Today, our Xiaobian will share with you, I hope to help everyone, let's take a look at the introduction below.

  The ultrafine pulverizer is a noun that is different from the traditional crusher. Its principle is based on the machining of ultrafine powder (ultrafine powder is substantially greater than 325 mesh). Such as gas flow grinding, resonance (vibration grind), stirring, and the like. Ultrafine pulverized equipment is based on ultrafine powder-based dispersion, and implemented energy input. The specific surface area of ​​the powder increases the square proportion to the energy input. Therefore, the ultrafine pulverizer is mostly media grinding and grinding. There is a great difference from the traditional pulverizer. The difference in use is that the heat is less, the temperature rise is slow, the particle size is uniform, and the energy consumption is reasonable. The lowest energy consumption is a resonant mill, or is called a high-frequency resonance mill, and the relative energy is high. Airflow grinding should be smashed by the classification machine. The classification machine is also an important part of the ultrafine pulverizer concept. It effects like a screen in a conventional crusher. In the process of choosing a super-smashing equipment, we must first have basic concepts of pulverizer and ultrafine pulverizing equipment to avoid entering the misunderstanding.