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How is the airflow classifier to run the ultrafine powder thickly separated?

  Diamond special air flow grinding, the material collides with each other, the wear is small, and the product is free of iron pollution. No water separation, water washing, complete dry production, a diamond micropowder having a better particle size distribution can be obtained. Stable, complete hierarchical flow field and special sealing measures, reliably prevent leakage of crude particles, narrow particle size distribution and no large particles. There is a plastic function on the particle shape. The airflow pulverization classifier has a variable combination structure: a one-purpose dual use, which can be smash and can be graded separately. Easy wear parts use wear-resistant treatment, which greatly reduces the wear of the equipment and prolongs the service life. Automation control, low noise, no dust pollution.

  The airflow classifier can separate the ultrafine powder, such as separating the particles of less than 10 microns in the raw material to particles above 10 microns, or separating the particle size of 5-15 microns, even even Multiple particle size sections can be separated one-time. While precision classification, airflow classifiers are also a new environmental protection equipment that can effectively prevent dust pollution caused by ultrafine powder and safety accidents such as dust explosion caused by the production process. So how is the airflow classifier running? Let's take a look along with Xiaobian.

  First, put it into the material, next, after the material is entered the grading chamber by the feed system, the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the rotor will be mixed in the gas-solid two-phase fluid. The powder is separated by the size of the particle diameter (diameter diameter). The coarse granules are sinking with gravity and centrifugal force, and most of the particles are brought into a grading chamber, and the particles required to granularize the granularity of the gradation force through the gap between the graded blades through the gap between the graded blades into the collection system, the material powder The coarse granules in which the coarse granules are split by the rotor blades around the cylinder and fall along the cylinder, which is subjected to a secondary wind gas flow in the landing process, and dispersion of the fine powder in the coarse grain and again Blowing to the grading room. Finally, the coarse powder is excluded under the gravity of the lower discharge valve.

  The performance characteristics of the airflow classifier:

  1, large output, low energy consumption, high grading efficiency.

  2, the particle size is concentrated: according to the actual reflection of the customer, the machine uses an original vertical impeller to grade, stable grading technology and special sealing measures to prevent coarse grains from leakage, so that the product is not large, and the particle size is concentrated High level precision.

  3, the structure is reasonable:The household requests 1-6 granular products at the same time.

  4. Strong applicability: combination of closed or open portions can be combined with various mill (air current pulverizer, mechanical grinding, ball milling, Raymond mill, vibration, etc.).

  5, high automation: All level impeller classifiers all use electronic frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, automatic circulating multi-box dust collecting process to achieve electronic control, automatic cleaning, improve the stability of the machine negative pressure

  The above is the operational mode and characteristics of the airflow classifier, because the device is different from the working principle of the traditional screening machine, which has made it have a unusual sorting effect, which is favored by many users. China's manufacturing industry has been eliminated or promoted, and AlPa Powder Technology as a professional powder equipment manufacturing company with more than 20 years of history, the chairman and management team deeply, through independent R & D, joint development, manufacturing intelligent manufacturing and green, and leading the traditional manufacturing industry while continuously transforming the intelligence and green development while continuously realizing its high quality development.