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Can the ultrafine pulverizer be sieved?

  Ultrafine pulverizer This machine is used in many industries. It is most frequent in Chinese medicine. So many people are integrated with ultra-smasher and sieve? Let's take a look now!

  The ultrafine pulverizer is an apparatus for ultrafine pulverization of dry materials using air separation, heavy polishing, shear. It consists of a cylindrical crushed chamber, a polishing wheel, a polishing rail, a fan, a material collection system, and the like. The material enters the cylindrical pulverizing chamber by the feed opening, and is crushed by the polishing wheel that is circumferential movement along the grinding rail, and dissensibly. The pulverized material brings out the pulverizer through the negative pressure air flow caused by the fan, into the material collection system, filtered through the filter bag, the air is discharged, the material, the dust is collected, and the pulverization is completed. The ultrafine pulverizer can be divided into: 1, air separating ultrafine pulverizer can be widely used in ultrafine pulverized demand for Chinese medicine, western medicine, pesticide, cosmetics, food, feed, chemical, ceramics and other industrial dry materials. Especially for fibrotic, high toughness, such as Cordyceps, tea, Ganoderma lucidum, etc. is more perfect. 2. The main applied pulverization mechanism of airflow pulverizer is determined to have a wide range of applications. The typical materials are: super hard diamond, silicon carbide, metal powder, etc., high purity requirements: ceramics Color, medical, biochemical, etc., low temperature requirements: medicine, PVC. By change the ordinary air of the gas source to nitrogen, carbon dioxide gas, etc., the unit can be made into an inert gas protection device, which is suitable for the pulverization classification of materials such as flammable explosive, easy oxidation. 3, the ball milling machine mine is a crushing key equipment after the material is broken. It is widely used in cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractory materials, fertilizers, black and non-ferrous metallic mineralization and glass ceramics, etc., dry or wet grinding of various ore and other wear materials. The ball mill is suitable for dust grinding various ore and other materials, which are widely used in different industries such as moisture, building materials and chemicals, can be divided into dry and wet two kinds of grinding methods. Depending on the minerality, it can be somped to have two types of lattice and overflow type. 4, Grinding Ultrafine Crusher This is an ultra-small grinding ultrafine pulverizer, suitable for university laboratories, factory laboratories, pharmacies, Chinese medicine hospitals, and families to do fine grinding, can carry it with you. Hongxu series models can be widely used in the ultrafine pulverization needs of Chinese medicine, western medicine, pesticide, biological, cosmetics, food, feed, chemical, ceramics, metallurgical minerals. Especially for the fiberDimensional (such as Chinese herbal medicine, Ganoderma lucidum, etc.), high-hardness (such as diamond, cotton, etc.), high hardness (such as diamond, ceramics, etc.) material is more perfect. 5. Chinese medicine crusher Chinese medicine ultrafine pulverizer is suitable for many varieties of medical, agriculture, food, chemical, alloy, metallurgy, geology, scientific research, etc. Sanqi, hippocampus, 菟 子, Ganoderma lucidum, licorice, pearls, etc. can be very crushing. This machine uses high-speed single-phase motor, structural, small size, light weight, high efficiency, no dust, cleaning, operation simple, beautiful, and safety, etc., which makes medicines, food, chemicals, etc. National standards reach GMP requirements.