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Ultrafine pulverizer takes you to see the processing of construction waste

  We know that the garbage generated during the decoration is much very much. These garbage each property will be dealt with. Some of this garbage can be recycled, then let's take a look at how this garbage is Ultrafine pulverizer treatment!

  Nowadays, because of the high-speed development needs of each city, the house needs to be demolished for some homes in the remote area, and this time you need to use a variety of ultrafine pulverizer, and these ultrafine pulverizer is used as a kind of pass Squeeze the air, then place it to the smash region, thereby further combining those hard objects, and now there is a sufficient use of these construction waste. Ultrafine pulverizer 1. Today's treatment of construction waste should be known that in conducting various industrial buildings and some construction routes, there will be some related garbage in the building. The content of various ingredients produced by different structural types is different, mainly consisting of concrete, mortar, brick, steel and slag, and other light substances such as decorated wood, plastic. According to relevant statistics, most of my country is now buried in the process of processing garbage, although this practice does not directly affect the environment and people, but from a long range of perspectives, as well as the land It is harmful to development, and it is still very harmful. 2. It is expected that the way to handle these construction waste in the process of construction waste, it is to turn waste into treasure, and an example is that it is used to embed the garbage into the ground, and now it is in some countries. The garbage is used as a renewable raw material, and then produces concrete or composite walls in the construction industry, and timely classification of these garbage, which is convenient for future waste reuse. Therefore, for these construction waste, some industries should be smashed with the ultrafine pulverizer, and then in carrying out a series of secondary uses, so that the cost savings and environmental protection is very large. .