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What are the benefits of the ultrafine pulverizer for Chinese medicine?

  Ultrafine pulverized machinery is used in a crushing method, and the ultra-fine pulverized ultrafine pulverizer is developed. With the continuous development of ultrafine pulverization technology, a variety of ultrafine pulverized equipment dry pulverization is system Take the main method of ultrafine powder. Dry ultra-fine pulverization machines are generally divided into two categories: ultra-micro gas flow mill and mechanical ultrafine pulverizer.

  The application of the ultrafine pulverizer can be said that the new months are different, and the scope continues to expand its technological content, especially in its traditional Chinese medicine crushing areas. Ultrafine Crushing in the Application of Traditional Chinese Medicine Process Advanced Chinese Medicine Ultrafine Crushing, currently mainly referring to cell grade micro-pulverization. "Cell grade micro-pulverization" refers to a crushing operation based on the broken wall of analogy plant medicinal material, which uses modern ultrafine pulverized techniques, generally 95%, generally 95%, generally 95%. Using ultrafine pulverizer to smash the traditional Chinese medicine, there are some benefits:

  1. Increase the drug absorption rate and improve its bioavailability.

  The size of the pharmaceutical particles and the structure of the powder are an important factor affecting drug absorption. After the Chinese medicine passes through the ultrafine treatment, its particle size is even uniform, the specific surface area increases, the porosity increases, the drug can be better dispersed, dissolved in the gastrointestinal fluid, and increase the contact area of ​​the gastrointestinal film, more easy to get stomach Intestinal absorption, whether it is a topical patch, or the capsule of the oral, can be used to reach the original pharmacodynamic effect after ultrafine pulverization, for mineral medicines, equivalent to a portion of water insoluble substance, after ultra-micro treatment Since the particle size is greatly reduced, it can be added to the body, the absorption speed, improve the absorption amount;

  2, advantageous ten retain bioactive ingredients and improve the efficacy.

  In the ultrafine pulverization process, the control may not produce overheating phenomena, even in low temperature, well and pulverized speed, which is conducive to retaining high-temperature biologically active ingredients and various nutrients, Thereby improving the efficacy such as pearls, using traditional methods to destroy their partial components, compare the straight-through impact crusher. Ultrafine pulverization is carried out under low temperature conditions of -67 ° C, which can be completely retained to reserve active ingredients, enhance its effect of delaying aging. Ganoderma lucidum contains rich amino acids and trace elements, with activation of immune function, anti-tumor, anti-thrombus, etc.

  After the ultrafine pulverization, the Chinese medicine can be used to obtain a small dose, and the general drug can no longer be treated, decoction, etc., which can no longer be treated, decoction, etc., reduce the loss of effective ingredients in the production. ZUI is limited to raw materials, so the technology is especially crushing of ten precious and rare Chinese medicine, and due to the increase in fineness, it can improve the daily feeling, which is easy to take on the other aspect, because the ultrafine pulverized is fully closed without dust. The system is carried out to effectively avoid external pollution, so that the microbial content and dust of the product are controlled.

  Follow the order, quantity and accessories of the order equipment, ensure that the stocks are fully matched with orders. After the production of equipment is completed, the quality inspectors shall check the quality of the equipment to be installed in accordance with quality inspection. Before the equipment is sent, the following staff will calm down the box one by one to prevent leakage, less and less. Equipment packaging adopts professional packaging and modular solutions to ensure safe damage during equipment transportation.