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Application range and maintenance maintenance points of traditional Chinese medicine ultrafine crush

  Graphite negative electrode material (graphite, artificial graphite, spherical graphite) Crusher special equipment, Shandong AlPa powder technology mainly consists of MQW airflow, FW airflow classification and CSM mechanical impact grinding series, targeting spherical graphite and artificial graphite characteristics Different, special pulverization grading equipment for custom manufacturing production. Products have: full-negative pressure design, high pulverization grading precision, particle size shaping, low energy consumption, small wear. It can be widely used in graphite (natural graphite, artificial graphite, spherical graphite) crushing and grading mass production.What are the application scope of Chinese medicine ultrafine pulverizer? Maintenance is characterized? Shandong Super Small Crusher Mater El Pie Powder Technology Co., Ltd. explained to everyone.

  When the Chinese medicine is pulverized in recent years, the generally used machine is the Chinese medicine crusher. However, there is a low pulverization fineness of the conventional Chinese medicine pulverizer, and the strobes are stable and higher. Due to the characteristics of the traditional Chinese medicine, the effect of large Chinese medicine particles in the absorption process has received great obstacles, and the latest developed Chinese medicine ultrafine pulverizer Completely solved these problems, the fineness of the Chinese herbal medicine is very high after the traditional Chinese medicine ultrafine pulverizer, during operation, due to the adhesion of Chinese medicine particles on the intestinal wall, it will stay in the animal body in the animal body. Thus, the components of the body absorbed the drug are more comprehensive, so that the efficacy can significantly improve the efficacy, and on the other hand, it can greatly reduce the use of traditional Chinese medicine and medication.

  Chinese medicine ultrafine pulverizer technology is fast in clinical use, and the bioavailability is also higher.

  Further, since the local superheater is not generated during the pulverization, the plant pulverizer is carried out in a low temperature state, the pulverization speed is fast, and thus the bioactive material and various nutrients in Chinese herbal materials are retained. Improve the efficacy. Crushing is the necessary link in the pre-treatment process of the Chinese medicine. By pulverizing, the surface area of ​​the drug can be increased, and the dissolution and absorption of the drug can promote the dissolution and absorption of the drug, and the release of the active ingredient in the medicinal material can be promoted. Most of the Chinese herbal medicines are plants, and their effective ingredients are stored in the cell fluid. Only through the cell wall and the cell membrane are released, the Chinese medicine is superfined, and the effective ingredients have been fully utilized, enriched the dosage form of Chinese medicine, improved The efficacy, greatly reduced the dose of medicated dose, good preparatory, convenient administration, economical and practical.

  The ultrafine pulverizer is to use modern fine powder technology, treated Chinese herbal medicines, Chinese medicine extracts, and traditional Chinese medicine preparations. The currently recognized range of 0.1 to 75 microns, the most new type The technology, development and application prospects are very broad, and the ultrafine pulverization technology of traditional Chinese medicine has exposed a unique advantage in the production of Chinese medicine. This technology improves the cell breakage rate, specific surface area, effective component dissolution, bioavailability, can enhance pharmacological effects, reduce the amount of medication, saving medicinal materials, protecting resources, and improving the smell, taste, and improving drug quality. However, due to the characteristics of the ultrafine pulverizer of the Chinese medicine, there are still many influencing factors in the ultrafine pulverization process, the same equipment, the same crushing process to meet the same fineness ultrafine powder requirements.

  1, the ultrafine pulverizer is in the production process, and the temperature rise of the bearing is often checked. When the temperature rise exceeds 50 ° C, it should be closed, and the reason is to rule out the fault.

  2, when the new ultrafine pulverizer is running, the transmission belt is easy to elongate, and should pay attention to adjust the appropriate looseness of the belt to ensure the work life of the belt. 3, for ultrafine pulverizing machines to be checked frequently, replace production quality and production volume in time.

  4, the blade of the ultrafine pulverizer, the lining should often check the wear situation. If wear, the productivity is lowered, and the particle size is replaced after the particle size is replaced. 5, the host and grading flow bearing of the ultrafine pulverizer are lipids, and 2 special lipids, 265-295.

  6, the bearing of the ultrafine pulverizer is 2000 hours, and the filling of the grease is 1/2 (episode) or 3/4 (lower test) of the space in the bearing cavity. Excessively filled with grease will not cause too much bearing temperature. 7, the spiral feeder has been changed from 4,000 hours, and the calcium based grease is added.

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