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Ultrafine crushers need to pay attention!

  Now we go to the pharmacy, especially when we look at Chinese medicine, we will see how the drugs can use the particle medicinal materials such as the medicinal materials of the particles. Let's take a look at the ultrafrite machine!

  1, the water content of the drug is very high, the water content of the drug is very high, the water content of the drug is not more than 10%, because the powder is fine, the moisture is, the more sufficient, but not only increase the proportion of materials, but The plurality of particles will also be adhered together. If the water content containing water content will not only increase the difficulty of ultrafine pulverizer, it will also result in a decrease in yield.

  2, medicinal material, ultra-microfiner manufacturers remind users of friends, before crushing should determine the nature of the medicinal material is brittle, toughness, fibrous, sugar or oily, and the ultra-fine pulverizer takes different pulverized methods for the medicinal materials of different properties. For example, high sugar, high oil material, can be bonded together without external force, and can not be pulverized with a method of pulverizing brittle materials.

  3. The fineness of the medicinal material is strictly fed according to the feed fineness indicated by each ultrafine pulverizer. Generally, it will be marked below 1 mm, and the feed fineness is too large, but also has a large impact on the service life of the ultrafine crusher. And it is very difficult to crush. Therefore, the medicinal material should be pre-treated in accordance with the requirements.

  4, the maintenance of the equipment regular maintenance ultrafine pulverizer helps to extend the service life, and can effectively ensure pulverization fineness and yield, greatly increase the pulverization efficiency. The ultrafine pulverizer needs to be added to the lubricating oil, examining the degree of aging of each seal, and the wear of the pulverized medium.