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Can the airflow pulverizer and mechanical impact grinding can be used together?

  Silicon fine powder special airflow pulverization is to use supersonic airflow to mushing the material and materials with a small collision, the equipment is worn, and the product is free of iron contamination. A ceramic liner can be used to ensure high purity of silicon fine powder for high purity stone micropowder. No water separation, water is washed, complete dry production, and the production is better than the particle size distribution of silicon powder. The fineness of the finished product reached D97 = 3-74 μm, and the purity reached 99.5%. Stable, complete hierarchical flow field and special sealing measures, reliably prevent leakage of crude particles, narrow particle size distribution and no large particles. There is a plastic function on the particle shape. Variable Combination Structure: One-purpose dual use, which can be pulverized, and can be graded separately. Quartz Mo-hardness is 7, so the wear-resistant treatment is wear-resistant, and the inner abrasion resistant material is greatly reduced, and the losses of the equipment are greatly reduced, and the service life is extended. The whole process uses a negative pressure method, and there is no dust pollution on site, and the production environment is excellent. The equipment is balanced, the vibration is small, low noise. High automation control is high, the equipment is stable, and can be turned on continuously.

  The airflow pulverizer is a kind of pulverizer, but it is different from other crushers. The airflow pulverizer is ultrafine processing for raw materials. The so-called ultrafine is generally processed to 200. To 8000 mesh, the airflow pulverizer is a kind of ultrafine pulverizer. The following small series is a question and answer method to make everyone more understanding of such equipment.

  1. High-speed mechanical impact grinding and airflow pulverizer, can these two can be used together?Mechanical impact grinding and airflow pulverizer, these two are very different, although there is a function of pulverizing this. On the pulverized particle size, it is mechanical impact grinding, while the airflow pulverizer is smaller. However, these two can be used together. Moreover, it is also possible to save this effect.

  2. Cyclone airflow milling machine, is it a gas flow crusher?

  The cyclonic airflow pulverizer, which is one of the airflow pulverizer, so it is obvious in this issue, and its answer is, and it is also very affirmative and certain. In addition, this airflow pulverizer can solve the two disadvantages of energy consumption and low yield of ordinary pulverizer. In some cases, it can be used instead of spray and fluidized bed airflow pulverizer.

  3. Use air flow powderDecent off, do you have some specific requirements?

  If, it is pulverized 200mm or less, and it is a jaw crusher and then breaks the roller. If it is necessary to further crush, Raymond mill can be used. As well, in further words, the airflow pulverizer can be used. Therefore, in the use of the airflow pulverizer, there is a specific requirement, at least, which is finely pulverized instead of crude.

  The above is some question and answer to the airflow crusher. After you have seen it, do you have more understanding of this device? More knowledge about the airflow crusher can be online to consult Shandong Erp.

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