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Main factors affecting pulverization fineness of gas flow pulverizer

Main factors affecting pulverization fineness of gas flow pulverizer

  1. Material properties Generally, the airflow pulverizer can adapt to the pulverization of all brittle materials. However, due to the difference in material properties, the crushing performance is different. Due to the intensity of various materials, density (unit: g / cm3 or kg / m3), hardness (hardness, hardness, viscosity, shape, and electrical properties, the difference in pulverization results must be caused, wherein the strength of the material is The most important influencing factor (Factor). In addition, due to the excessive moisture content of certain materials, the properties such as toughness, viscosity, increased viscosity, increased, increased, and increased viscosity increases due to the moisture content of certain materials.

  2. The same material is not the same because the amount of handling is different from the amount of processing. In general, the amount of treatment is proportional to the product particle size. However, if the amount of processing is too small, the collision between the particles is small, but it affects the fineness.

  3. The principle of pulverizing the gas flow of gas is the principle of converting the pressure of the fluid. Therefore, the larger the gas pressure, the injection flow rate is also relatively increased, and the pulverized energy, that is, the pulverization effect.

  4. The particle size of the feed particle size is different from the particle size of the product after the particle size of the feed particles. Of course, the smaller the particle size of the feed, the smaller the particle size of the product.

  5. The particle size distribution of raw materials If the feed particle size is uniform (jūn yún) As a result, it will inevitably affect the crushing effect.

  6. Single material and mixing materials cause a soft and hard particle or intensity between the high and low granules and other situations when pulverizing the nature of various components in the mixed material, so that possible (maybe) affects pulverization Effect. The airflow pulverizer changes the normal air of the gas source to nitrogen, carbon dioxide gas, which can make the unit become an inert gas protection device, which is suitable for pulverizing grade processing of materials such as flammable and explosive, easy oxidation.

  7. The influence of back pressure is the average pressure of the pulverizer in the indoor gas. Due to the size of the pulverized nozzle injection speed, it is determined by the difference between the inlet pressure and the outlet pressure, the larger the pressure difference, the higher the flow rate. Therefore, the increase in back pressure is not conducive to smashing. In production (Produce), due to the increase in the resistance of the capture system, the back pressure of the pulverizer will affect the powder.

  Therefore, you must regularly inspect the captureThe resistance of the system. The airflow pulverizer is mainly composed of a gas flow pulverizer, a cyclone collector, a dust collector (role: purification air), Draught Fan, and the electric control cabinet. The airflow pulverizer is mainly suitable for the extensive, the range of applications, high finished products, typical materials such as super hard diamond carbon (C), silica metal powder, etc., high purity ceramic (raw material: non-metallic mineral) Pigment, medicine, biochemical and other low T values. The working principle of the airflow pulverizer is to convert the air moiety of the gas source into nitrogen, oxygen, carbon (CO2) and other inert materials, and Temperature Temperature. The gas can make the machine become a noble gases protection equipment, suitable for flammable, explosive, easy oxidized materials, comminution and grading processing.