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Chinese medicine airflow crusher technology should not be underestimated

Chinese medicine airflow crusher technology should not be underestimated

  The airflow pulverizer is generally existed in our lives. Everyone also knows that the gas flow crusher in the traditional Chinese medicine industry is also a pivotal position.

  Do you know the correct way of use the Chinese medicine crusher?

  1. The ultrafine pulverizer of the Chinese medicine is first carefully inspected in the transportation in the transportation, and then the high machine and the auxiliary electric control device are in place, then turn on the pipeline of the main aid, each pipe opening When the flange flange or the flange is equipped, it is necessary to use the seal to be contaminated; the iron anchor 609; liquid sealant to ensure pipe sealing, while each single machine and pipe are also called flange flange or flanges Get it up with the ground wire and ground to avoid dust (morphology: solid particles) caused by electrostatic (a charge in a stationary state) spark (morphology: solid particles) exploded.

  2, the airflow pulverizer must be inside whether there is metal items in each single-machine trial, such as removal. Bolts (composition: head and screw composition) are firm, the tightness of the belt, the reliability of the shield, and the like.

  3. Start each motor, turn off the damper, pulverizer -> dust collector (effect: purified air) -> Grading device -> Breaker.

  4. After five minutes of empty car, the operator should carefully observe the various instruments on the control (Electron Flow) to be stable (explained: stable stability; there is no change), it can be pushed. After the press, the current is not allowed to exceed the rated value of 32.6A, otherwise it should be subjected to the amount, ensuring that the normal operation of the discharge is fixed.

  5, can be parked in the following order, the spiral feeder -> Once five minutes can be parked, the main unit can be parked, the dust collector (effect: purify the air), the classifier -> Closure. The airflow pulverizer changes the normal air of the gas source to nitrogen, carbon dioxide gas, which can make the unit become an inert gas protection device, which is suitable for pulverizing grade processing of materials such as flammable and explosive, easy oxidation.

  6. The stepless shift handle (bǐng) of the stepless unit can change the speed of the hierarchy, and achieve the excellent adjustment of the product. If the product particle size is required, the speed can be improved, and the REDUCE is reduced, and large particle size particles can be changed.

  In summary, the use of Chinese medicine airflow crushers has greatly improved medicinal materials.Availability provides a lot of help to our pharmaceutical industry, and of course the gas flow crusher has a pivotal position in other industries.