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Provide this information, quickly understand the airflow crusher model price

Provide this information, quickly understand the airflow crusher model price

  As a 23-year airflow pulverizer manufacturer, there is more than 8,000 customers at home and abroad, and the experience of PLUMP has enabled us to lead us at the front of the industry. In this process, many new and old users have come to consult the airflow crusher. Many users first inquiry is the model, price, etc. of the airflow crusher, but they don't know the price of the airflow crusher, model is According to the user's needs, today we will say that before consulting the airflow crusher, what information should the user provide?

  1. When the chemical name of the material consults the airflow pulverizer, the user should first explain to the manufacturer's material, and provide accurate chemical names. For 23 years, it has provided a crushing and processing of hundreds of powder materials, and the results are recorded In the case, as long as the chemical name of the material is provided, our professional technical engineer can initially determine whether this material can be smashed, which is used to crush.

  2, the feed particle size, the particle size user needs to provide the manufacturer's original granular parameters, and the granular parameters required after the crush. The feed particle size has a decisive effect on the crushing effect, and some of the material size is too thick to directly use the airflow pulverizer to perform ultrafine comminution (grain material material to the particle size of micron), but need to use thick The crusher is broken to a smaller size (2-10 mm). The particle size of the discharge is the need for the final product, and the manufacturer will determine the configuration of the airflow pulverizer according to the required particle size required.

  3, yield production determines the configuration of the airflow pulverizer and the size of the model, the smaller the model, the larger the model, the greater the output. This is also an important message that the user must provide to the manufacturer. The minimum production of the airflow pulverizer of production (Produce) can reach 0.5 kg / h, and the maximum production can reach 2000 kg / h.

  4, purity requires some special materials to be high on purity requirements.

  At this time, we will make changes in equipment and technology to ensure that users' needs, generally encounter high materials, airflow pulverization opportunities use equipment All stainless steel (stainless steel resistant steel) materials, or stainless steel (stainless steel resistant steel) materials, or the internal use of all ceramic (raw materials: non-metallic mineral) in the equipment.Material is contaminated by metal.

  5, anti-high temperature, explosion-proof antioxidant (Oxygen), anti-dust (morphology: solid particulate) pollution, etc. There are also some materials with easy explosive oxygen (OxiDance), then in the pulverization process, Noble Gases Protection (Machine System Oxygen Content), increase the explosion-proof system and closed circuit loop (Continue) system to achieve oxidation, constant temperature operation, prevent explosion and prevent explosion Dust (morphology: solid particles) pollution and other effects. The ultrafine pulverizer material enters the cylindrical pulverization chamber by the feed opening, and is crushed along the polishing wheel along the polishing rail, and cut off.

  The pulverized material brings out the pulverizer through the negative pressure air flow caused by the fan, into the material collection system, filtered through the filter bag, the air is discharged, the material, the dust is collected, and the pulverization is completed. The above is the information that the user needs to provide information, the user needs to provide information, only the user can provide the needs, the airflow mill manufacturer can provide the appropriate system solution accordingly, and finally determine the model and price of the airflow crusher, So when you consult the airflow pulverizer, users can provide to manufacturers in accordance with the above information, and understand what equipment is suitable for user needs.