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Stainless steel powder classified expert - inert gas protection is the key

  The inert gas protective gas flow grinding control pollen concentration. The equipment is supported by the feeding system, which is fully closed, uniform, and is controlled by the control cabinet. Fully enclose the effect of isolating oxygen, uniform speed, controls the material concentration inside the added device, and can be arranged any. The material that is evenly added to the device is accumulated inside the device, and the security is not guaranteed. Therefore, the device profile, such as the bending angle of the pipe; the shape of each component is scientifically calculated, and the dead angle inside is eliminated, and the powder is not accumulated in the pipe through the high-speed airflow through the equipment.

  Stainless steel fine powder is an important material in 3D printing materials. The stainless steel powder is different from a general metal powder. It is easier to oxidize at high temperatures. Once oxidation occurs, it is difficult to remove the oxidation of its surface, so When processing stainless steel powder, it should be noted that removing factors that cause oxidation are precisely because of the special requirements of stainless steel powder, the equipment used to grade stainless steel powder is relatively special. Today we will introduce the special airflow classification machine of Shandong El Pieces Technology Co., Ltd.. The stainless steel powder airflow classifier produced by Erfai is an increase in the "inert gas protection device" on the basis of high-grade turbine. There is more inclusive [explosion-proof system, cooling system, closed circuit loop, and effectively realize materials. " At the same time, the extension of explosion-proof anti-oxidation is achieved, and the oxygen content of the whole machine is maintained at a constant (100 ppm).

  It is because of El Pie " inert gas protection airflow classifier

  " These high performance advantages, it has been widely used in military research and development, metal powder processing, its production and manufacturing process matures, reliable quality, performance Stability, I got a consistent praise from the majority of users, especially in 2018, El Pai has continuously supplied equipment and production lines to many large well-known metal powders at home and abroad, including Indian customers (the world's largest metal injection molding precision engineering Product supplier), Huawei Technology Co., Ltd., etc.

  Market Solar Sand, with the basis of benefits and quality, the customer stands for the heart, Shandong AlPa powder technology is using sustainable growth to energy-saving transformation and upgrading in the field of industrial gas flow crusher, green growth brings more surprise.