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Airflow ultrafine pulverizer is only continuously optimized to occupy the market

  Super-micro gas flow grinding is a more mature ultrafine pulverized device. Unlike other ultrafine pulverized devices, the principle of pulverization is to utilize high-speed airflows, and the energy generated by the nozzle mounted around the cavity, so that the material is intensely impact, collision, friction, and airflow to material. Under shear, pulverized into fine particles. Ultra-micro gas flow is widely used in ultrafine pulverization processing of powder drugs. Its production process continuous, large capacity, and high automation. Moreover, due to the small particle size of the processed product, the particle size distribution is narrow, the purity is high, the particulate activity is high, and the dispersibility is good, and is particularly suitable for the contaminated material that is not allowed to be contaminated.

  Airflow ultrafine pulverizer has been greatly improved in the past few years, and its equipment structure has improved the improved airflow ultrafine pulverizer to become an indispensable one in crushing equipment. Member, but though, as a gastric ultrafine pulverizer manufacturer receives a different customer's crushing demand, there are still many shortcomings that the air flow ultrafine pulverizer still can't overcome, so under the current situation, air flow ultrafine pulverizer There is also a need to invest a lot of research and development power, and improve optimization to make it more adapted to market trends.

  Airflow ultrafine pulverizer, different from other crushers, under high-speed airflow, impact on the particles of its own particles, airflow impact shear effects and materials and other components , Friction, shear, make material crush

  It is understood that airflow pulverization can be operated in a sterile state; the production process is continuous, high production capacity, self-control, and high automation. However, the production cycle of mechanical impact pulverizer, vibration grinding, stirring mill, etc. is often longer, thereby causing low production efficiency; a large amount of heat is generated when the material is pulverized, resulting in deterioration of thermal materials; and equipment wear will contaminate products. . Therefore, these mechanical crushers have not fully satisfied that people have become increasingly high and higher in ultrafine powder, and the airflow crushing equipment has a trend of replacing mechanical pulverities in the production of super fine powder.

  In order to meet the development of information technology, biotechnology and new material technology, the higher requirements of the particle size, purity and particle size distribution of powder products, and the superfine gas flow crushing technology should be perfect on the existing basis. Optimize ultrafine airflow pulverization equipment, develop new equipment, and pay attention to the matching design of the crushing system.

  In addition, my country's large-scale equipment is not much, in the above ultrafine airflow ultrafine pulverizer, compared to comparison, the fluidized bed gas flow pulverizer has a significant advantage, so the theoretical study should be strengthened to guide the comminuted equipment. Design; due to the largest disadvantage of the airflow ultrafine pulverizer is that the energy utilization rate is low, it should be sought to reduce energy consumption, increase energy utilization.

  Level excellence, win! In order to ensure the "zero-defect, continuous improvement" quality improvement and effective development, Shandong ALPA Powder Technology Co., Ltd. Quality Management Committee actively explores the management of new models, receiving the study of 8D working methods in recent hours, and combines enterprises Operation status, initially formed organic combination, comprehensive quality control system and successful practice, effectively improved the company's quality risk prevention and control ability, in order to promote the high-quality development of enterprises to build a solid foundation.