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Ultra-micro gas flow crusher feed system should be like this

  The entire production line wire uses a full enclosed negative pressure, and the production site will never have dust and dust pollution. With PLC programming control, safety measures are multi-visual, parallel work, only one of the measures can effectively function, to eliminate safety hazards. In terms of security, the inert gas protection airflow pulverization classifier mainly has the following characteristics: isolation oxygen. In the process, the oxygen content tester continuously monitors the oxygen content in the airflow, and nitrogen is supplemented immediately when it exceeds some extent, so that the oxygen content is always maintained within the safety production standard. Control the gas powder concentration: The feeding system supporting the feature is fully closed, uniform, and is controlled by the control cabinet. Fully enclose the effect of isolating oxygen, uniform speed, controls the material concentration inside the added device, and can be arranged any. Timely release of static electricity and elimination of fire: Pulse anti-blow collector with carbon wire special filter material, can eliminate static electricity in time while ensuring pulse clear ash clean thoroughly. The equipment is all metal components, all grounded to try to release powder static electricity. Circulation cooling: explosion-proof dustproof, emergency stop.Ultra-micro gas flow pulverizer is generally used for dry, high hardness, rare, high raw material grinding, excellent product quality, is a device that is favored by many users. The machining process of the ultra-micro gas flow pulverizer is feeding, pulverized, grading, collected, discharge, wherein the feed system acts as a front end process, and there is less than a risk. But maybe the phenomenon of feeding carton, the following is introduced by Xiaobian.

  Ultra-micro gas flow pulverizer is not small, the reason is simple, the material is stacked in the silo plate knot, and the material is marked, the material is brush in the silo, the silo cone design There is no reason such as the rest of the material. Solving silo does not smoke suggests design phase to fully understand the properties of material, such as pile specific gravity, liquidity, moisture resistance, rest horn, particle size, flammable and explosive. Adding auxiliary measures, such as air disc, a hammer, air blowing, vibrating mitigation mechanism, artificial beats, etc. The ultrafine pulverizer is an apparatus for ultrafine pulverization of dry materials using air separation, heavy polishing, and shear. It consists of a cylindrical crushed chamber, a polishing wheel, a polishing rail, a fan, a material collection system, and the like. The material enters the cylindrical pulverizing chamber by the feed opening, and is crushed by the polishing wheel that is circumferential movement along the grinding rail, and dissensibly. Crushed materials passed through the negative pressure air flow caused by the fan, and entered the material collection system.After filtering, the air is discharged, the material, dust is collected, and the pulverization is completed.

  The feed system of the ultra-micro gas flow crusher is one of the key components. It often encounters problems in actual use. For example, the silo is not affected, and the feeding is not uniform, even can't Feeding and other conditions. Simple analytical materials with unevenness of feeding are more sticky or fluidity, and the feeding system design is defective. Feeding uneven solution recommendations According to the material properties of materials, such as silhouette structures, auxiliary sheet structures, feed valve structures, auxiliary feed, and ventilation and control systems. The feeding system is generally silo, auxiliary tablet equipment, and feeding mechanism three parts, depending on the properties of material, the design parameters of the feeding system are different.

  The above is the use of the use of Shandong Erbai ultra-micro-gas flow crusher products and simple solutions. Everyone must pay more attention when using it. Users who want to view crusher related information can also log in. Our official website!

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