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How to choose the ultrafine pulverizer?


  Ultrafine pulverizer is in the laboratory, for example, in various industries, there are very many machines that have been used in the laboratory. This machine is very few in our lives, but today take everyone to see super micro-crushing How to choose? 1, before choosing a superfine pulverizer, the first choice to understand the classification and principles of the ultrafine pulverizer can be divided into a spiral ultrafine pulverizer, fluidized bed ultrafine pulverizer, cycle Ultrafine pulverizer in the form of tube ultrafine pulverizer, target ultrafine pulverizer, currently using the most widely used spiral ultrafine pulverizer and fluidized bed ultra-fine pulverizer, spiral ultrafine pulverizer, The disc is called the discs, the main principle is that the airflow forms a spiral state in the pulverized cavity, and the material is friction in the helical tangential direction, and the internal mechanical design of the cavity is static classification mechanism (Organization ), Effective control (Control) maximum particle size; fluidized bed type ultrafine pulverizer, is the driving of the material in the gas stream, and the crushing effect is realized in the pulverized cavity, and the upper portion of the cavity has a dynamic grading mechanism, controlling the material. The size of the particle size. Therefore, both crushing are powered by airflow, achieving a crushing effect, requires compressor to provide compressed gas source, just in the pulverization process and control granularity, it is different, confirming the material objective (Cause) of the experiment (Cause) pulverization fineness Is there a super fine pulverizing machine to be inhabited (grinding the powder material into a micrometer operation) machine, which is the most commonly used ultra-fine pulverization that is the most commonly used for dry crushing of the particle size to microscope. Crushing, the current ultra-microfiner production (Produce) is different, and some can even reach the nano-stage, the actual situation is: the ultra-fine pulverizer is a super-smashing equipment, not nano-crushing Equipment, the author believes that the 200nm or less can be called nanometers, physical methods are difficult to reach nano-level, do not be misleaded by bad manufacturers. Ultrafine pulverizer, performance parameter (parameter) is D97 = 2 ~ 45um, that is, fineness can be 97%, 2um, if it is 50% or average particle size, at around 0.5 ~ 1 um, such performance is also a device The limit, and is for some special materials, not all materials can reach this requirement, so the ultrafine pulverizer is not reached by nanometers. The ultrafine pulverizer is not mechanical and pulverized, and the fineness is generallyUltra-fine and pulverized, if only 325 mesh is required, if it is considered to use mechanical pulverization, it is mechanically pulverized, because in the actual use process, the production of ultrafine pulverizer is always greater than mechanical pulverizer. 3. Understand whether the Experiment chamber ultrafine pulverizer equipment (Crusher) has easy disassembly cleaning, the experiment, and the EXPERIMENT room equipment mainly for a small number of samples, it is very important to clean. If a sample sample is 5 minutes, it takes 5 hours, and the study of research institutes said that this work is unimaginable; the ultrafine pulverizer designed, whether it is a host structure or auxiliary equipment, such as : Cyclone collector, pulse dust collector (effect: purification air), feeding feeder, and other systems related equipment, consider the basic requirements of easy demolition, making the laboratory user in a short time Easy to remove the equipment, the device and there is no dead end, easy to clean. The ultrafine pulverizer changes the normal air of the gas source to nitrogen, carbon dioxide gas, which can make the unit become an inert gas protection device, which is suitable for pulverization grading of materials such as flammable and explosive, easy oxidation. 4, there are two forms of ultrafine pulverizer do not choose the wrong ultrafine pulverizer; fluidized bed ultrafine pulverizer; and; spiral ultrafine pulverizer; two equipment functions are different, adapt to different materials, generally It is said that the material or material is more viscous material uses a spiral ultrafine pulverizer, and a new material such as a battery such as a particularly high material is used in a fluidized bed ultra-microfinator to an Experiment room, two forms The microfincture machine has been designed with a total of two forms of ultrafine pulverizer to accommodate various requirements of different materials of the laboratory. 5, safety, it is an important reference factor for the Experiment room ultrafine pulverizer. First, we must understand whether it will sample material. Is there a risk, if there is a dust burning or explosion, it is considered (consider) ) Use nitrogen to do crushing media (which determines the substance), do not care for cost, reduce its safety awareness, because the ultrafine pulverizer is ultra-fine and pulverized, the finer powder, the larger the surface area, the greater the dangerous factor In addition, consider the safety protection of the equipment itself,No, an anti-static filter bag is used, whether there is systematic pressure monitoring and other measures (refer to a solution for problems).