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Classification and process of impact ultrafine pulverizer

  Airflow milling and operation: Before use, check whether all fasteners of the machine are tightened. Check that there is a hard debride in the machine pulverized chamber. Boot, confirm that the operation is normal, and the material is placed from the material port. When the discharge is running, it is strictly forbidden to extend the hand into the outlet of the discharge. The hierarchical impeller speed cannot exceed the specified value, otherwise the grading wheel is destroyed, the motor. The safety valve must be regularly verified.Impact ultrafine pulverizer, can be divided into two categories according to its impact grinding: one is a high-speed mechanical impact mill, which is a high-speed rotating workpiece (rod or hammer, etc.) impact or blow particles Make it crushing; the second class is a gas flow pulverizer, which is pulverized by accelerating, impacting, colliding, or with a wall impact collision with high-speed airflow or overheating vapor.

  First, high-speed mechanical impact mill

  High-speed mechanical impact mill is a fiercer impact on the feed by rotating high-speed rotation with horizontal or vertical axis, which is intensely impacted. It collides with the fixed body or causes the impact collision between particles to make the superfine pulverized equipment of the particles. Shandong El Pie Powder Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-speed mechanical impact mill. It by Space, housing and bushing, impact pin, and divided into the first, diced chamber, blower chamber), and the horizontal spindle supported by both end bearing, located on the shaft The two groups of pulverized impellers in the second pulverizing chamber, the inner grading impeller and the fan impeller in the blower chamber. High-speed rotation is carried out by the pulley. In the first and second pulverized chamber, the slag unit is also equipped. Continuously, a feeder (disc or a spiral quantitative feeder) is installed at the inlet of the pulverizer.

  The pulverization and internal grading principle of the ultrafine pulverizer are as follows: a particulate material that is less than 10 mm, from The feeder quantitatively continuously supplied to the first pulverizing chamber, the five blades of the first segment of the pulverized impelings have a torsion angle, which helps to form a rotating wind pressure, but the second section of the hierarchical impeller corresponds to the five The impeller does not have a torsion angle, so the airflow resistance is formed. The wind pressure formed by the first section of the impeller causes the airflow cycle in the first pulverized chamber, and the particles rotating with the gas flow rotate, collision, friction, shear, simultaneous Role, particles rush to the inner wall and be impacted, friction, shear, etc., it is repeatedly pulverized into fine powder. Second section of grade impellerAlso have a hierarchical effect. The fine powder continues to be pulverized within the gap between the slope of the hierarchical impeller end, but the most effective pulverization is a lag flow zone between the first and second impellers, since the impeller high speed rotation (circle The speed is 50 m / s, the material is vigorously stirred, and the particles are impact, friction, shear, result in pulverization. The granules are pulverized to several tens to hundreds of micrometers.

  classification impeller The gas flow suction generated between the generated centrifugal force and the inner diameter is determined. If the centrifugal force of the particles is greater than the air flow suction, the particles continue to be smashed; if the particles are less than the gas flow suction, the particles are absorbed. The center has entered the second pulverity with the airflow. Due to the pulverized impeller (8b) and the grading impeller (10b) diameter larger than the first pult chamber, the rotation speed [55m / s) is higher, and the third Segment impeller (8b) blade torsion angle (40.) is also large, so the wind pressure is larger, the mutual impact between the particles is more effective, so the crushing effect is enhanced, and the wind speed is slowed down due to the increase in the diameter of the pulverizer. , Hierarchical accuracy improvement. This allows the fine particles to be pulverized to several tens of microns.

  Ultrafine powder is trained outside the blower chamber, capture, and screened. The machine has a slag, which can set the hardness of the sinking to the bottom of the pulverized chamber, which is constantly discharged by the slope of the slag hole and the slag, so that the quality of the finished product can be improved. And purity. The product particle size of the ultrafine pulverizer can be controlled by modulating the wind, the graded impeller, the compact gap, the comparative rings, the amount of slag, and the like can be controlled. The best parameters are determined for different materials to be tested. This type of machine is generally suitable for ultrafine pulverization of materials below the 5th level below. It is widely used in ultra-fine pulverization processing of pigments, coatings, pesticides, chemical raw materials, non-metallic mines.

  The pulverization method of the ultrafine pulverizer can be used to use an open-circuit pulverized process, and a closed circuit formula (in series with the fine classifier) ​​can also be used. The former process is simple, less equipment, small area, convenient operation, but the particle size distribution range of the pulverized product is wide; the latter product particle size can be selected, the particle size distribution is uniform, and the product is high.

  Ultrafine pulverizer is high due to two fine pulverized and internal classification systems, so the power consumption is lower than the gas flow pulverizer, the average particle size of the crushing product is 3 ~Between 100 μm, the whole machine system can operate under negative pressure, reducing dust, and the work environment is good.

  Following the model, quantity, and accessories of the order equipment by the contract, ensuring that the stocks are fully matched with orders. After the production of equipment is completed, the quality inspectors shall check the quality of the equipment to be installed in accordance with quality inspection. Before the equipment is sent, the following staff will calm down the box one by one to prevent leakage, less and less. Equipment packaging adopts professional packaging and modular solutions to ensure safe damage during equipment transportation.