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Advances in research on ultrafine pulverization technology

  The development of Chinese medicine in China has been very fast. However, if there is no airflow milling in the process of development, it is not fully useful. As the Chinese medicine equipment industry is also a multi-development opportunity in the machining machinery industry, which is in the production process of pharmaceutical production. Particles are also very important for drugs or biological utilization. The main reason is that crush is a very important part.Ultra-microfocked technology as a new high-tech will result in some changes in material structure and surface area, resulting in a new advantage that the original material does not have, so that this technology is widely used in all walks of life, especially in food , Chemical, pharmaceutical, etc. are rapid development. A focusing on the domestic and international research research on ultrafine pulverization techniques in food and feed, in which the application of the technology in the food and feed industry, it is pointed out in the future research trend in the food industry in the food industry. .

  The physical and chemical changes that occurred with the solid near surface area of ​​the mechanical force contact, referred to as mechanical chemical effects. Ultrafine pulverization technique is a method of cohesion of the internal cohesion of the solid and the crushing technique of crushing, and even achieving the particle size of 10 μm or less and even 1 μm. Material particle size is reduced to micrometers or ultra-microscopy will result in some changes in material structure and surface area, resulting in a new advantage of bulk materials. Such as surface effects, small dimensional effects, quantum effects, macroscopic quantum effects, optical effects, magnetic effects, mechanical effects, chemical and catalytic effects, etc. 1. Ultrafine pulverization technology classification and advantages

  At present, ultrafine pulverization techniques can be divided into mechanical pulverization and chemical synthesis. The advantage of chemical synthesis is that the particle size is small and uniform, high purity, low yield, high cost, high production, low cost, simple process, but compared to chemical synthesis, The purity obtained by the material is not high, and the particle size is not uniform enough. In general, ultra-fine pulverization has a uniform and fine, saving material, and dissemination speed, avoiding damage to the internal bioactive material and nutrient loss of material and facilitates the benefits of the body to absorption of active ingredients.

  2. Application of ultrafine pulverization technology

  Application of ultrafine pulverization technology in the field of food processing

  After the ultrafine pulverization, the specific surface area of ​​the particles increased significantly, thereby increasing particle dispersibility, solubility, biological function, and a strong surface adsorption force, and more easily absorb digestion after human intake, reducing waste. Ultrafine pulverization technology is currently used in bran, starch, wheat flour processing, etc., and the physical and chemical properties of the material are generally different from varying degrees. 2.2 Application of Ultrafine Crushed Technique In the field of feed processing

  Domestic and foreign researchers have made a lot of research on feed crushing particle size, most studies have shown that reducing feed crushing particle size can significantly improve their nutritional value. With the decrease in the particle size of feed raw materials, feed dry matter, energy and nitrogen digestibility will be significantly increased. The reason is to reduce feed particle size plays an important role in animal production performance, nutrient digestion rate, animal intestinal health.

  Over-microfinning technology in other fields

  Ultra-microfin technology has a significant advantage, and current ultrafine powder is widely used in ceramics, electrical materials, chemical and papermaking fields and in pharmaceutical industries. Studies have shown that ultrafin WC-Co hard alloys have better hardness, strength, and wear resistance than coarse particles WC-Co hard alloys.

  In the field of chemical industry, ultrafine powder can be smoothly penetrated into the inner layer of the skin, and nourish deep cells, so that it is more than half-mexual, and the syndrome, such as Han Aijun, add ultrafine silk powder, and found that ultrafine powder can be used by the body. Surface cells are well absorbed. Among them, when the wool powder is broken to a median diameter of 1.5 μm, its surface area is extended by 700 times, and the adhesion is significantly increased, better for cosmetics.

  3, the conclusion

  Ultra-microfinch technology has been widely used in all walks of life, especially in health foods and functional foods, which have huge potential for human health, and therefore, the technology is also recognized by the international food industry. One of the top ten food science technology in the 21st century. While adequately recognizing the positive effect of ultrafine pulverization, it is necessary to clearly recognize the shortcomings of current ultrafine pulverization research. For the current research at home and abroad, in the next study, it is necessary to make full use of the advantages of particle size, but also to find the best particle size range as much as possible to maximize advantages. At the same time, in further research, it is necessary to focus on superThe mechanical chemical effect of the properties of micronolicized materials.

  Currently, modified plant proteins are widely used in food and feed, but ultra-fine pulverization in modified plant proteins are still insufficient, and the mechanism research on plant protein properties is less, and ultrafine pulverized plants are limited. Application of protein in production. Therefore, the next study will be concentrated in the field of plant protein.

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