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FL airflow classifier accurately controls particle distribution

  The full protective ceramic liner airflow pulverization charter has the following performance advantages: dry pulverization of various materials suitable for the Moh's hardness 9 or less, is particularly suitable for high hardness, high purity, and high value-added materials. The breakthrough of particle acceleration technology has greatly improved pulverization efficiency, reduced energy consumption, small pulverization, good particle shape, and no large particle size and no large particles, and the product particle size D97 = 3-74 microns were arbitrarily adjusted. During the pulverization, due to the sharp expansion of the airflow, the airflow temperature is lowered, especially suitable for the heat sensitive, low melting point and the volatile material. The material collides with each other, which is different from mechanical pulverization relies on the impact of the material or a hammer, and plus all-round ceramic liner, so the equipment is small, and the product is purity. It can be used in series with multi-stage airflow classifiers, and products producing multiple particle size sections at a time. The ceramic liner is pulverized, the equipment is compact, the disassembly and cleaning is convenient, and the inner wall is smooth without dead angles. The entire system is fully negatively pressed, no dust, low noise, clean environmental protection.Crushing is the main means of obtaining ultrafine powder. The advantage of this method is that the process is simple and can adapt to large-scale industrial production. However, there are many technologies and economic problems that only rely on a single mechanical pulverizing apparatus, such as: the particle size distribution of crushing products is difficult to control, high pulverity, low production capacity. In addition, since there is a very strong surface force between the ultrafine particles, the particles will have strong mutual adsorption and agglomeration phenomena during the pulverization process, the stricter of the particles, the stricter of the granules. In order to avoid the occurrence of this phenomenon, the particles required to achieve the particle size should be separated from the crude particles at any time. Most of this function can not reach itself. Only with a lower energy consumption of the classifier will be coarse, fine powder separation can effectively control the particle size distribution of the particles, and make a desirable ultrafine powder, and Reduce pulverized energy consumption is reduced. It is simple to say that the level of grading is the differentiation of the size and shape of the powder. Working Principle: The airflow classifier has the upper feed type and material and the air together with the air into two types of feed mode, single-shot and multi-class round. One is a schematic structural diagram of the structure and operation of the upper feed and lower feedstock. It is mainly composed of a grading wheel, a feed valve, a discharge valve, a gas flow inlet, and the like. The other is in the upper feed type device, and the material is given to the classified chamber by the feed valve 5, and the centrifugal force and the hierarchical airflow of the graded airflow are adhered.Under the function of the hysteresis, the graded fine material is discharged from the upper port. The hierarchy is given from the lower portion 3 together with the hierarchical gas stream at operation. This classification machine facilitates the supporting of ultrafine pulverities (such as airflow pulverizing machines) with air delivery products.

  Industrial Applications FW-type ultra-fine airflow classifier is often used in fluidized beds, high-speed mechanical impact mill, ball mill, etc., or with a fluidized bed for spray airflow milling machine and High-speed mechanical impact mill makes an integrated, constitutes an overparalcal homogenization of interposedation to improve the efficiency of pulverization operation, control product fineness and particle size distribution. This classification machine has been widely used in the processing of non-metallic mineral ultrafine powder materials.

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